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TARWATSA MAZA 1 to 4 Complete Hausa Novel Document by TARWATSA MAZA 1 to 4


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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TARWATSA MAZA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Once upon a time, in a distant and cruel era marked by disbelief and immorality, there existed a great empire ruled by a renowned king named Hasanul Mauzur. King Hasanul Mauzur was a fearsome warrior, unmatched in bravery, who never knew defeat, no matter how formidable his opponents were. He possessed extraordinary strength and an insatiable desire for wealth.

The kingdom under King Hasanul Mauzur's rule was called Birnin Sharas, and within it were seven major cities. The king's palace in Sharas was the epitome of grandeur and glory. However, a peculiar custom prevailed among the citizens. They worshipped small idols resembling cats, nicknamed "rush," with six of these idols buried within a poor house.

Only the king's trusted soothsayer, Surab ibin Kaizar, had the privilege to enter the room and meet the idol Hurzaas. It was believed that anyone meeting this idol could ask for any worldly need, except for the ability to marry Princess Shulaira, King Hasanul Mauzur's beautiful daughter.

Princess Shulaira was known for her exceptional beauty, but she did not inherit her father's character. Instead, she displayed compassion, philanthropy, and a helpful nature. The king, on the other hand, was ruthless, oppressing the poor and only extending his favors to the rich and powerful.

Shulaira deeply despised her father's behavior, but she knew she had to be patient and abide by his wishes. As per her mother's dying wish, Shulaira's father vowed not to marry again. However, the king's advisors were eager to find a suitable match for Shulaira.

Shulaira made a bold decision and laid down her own terms for marriage. She declared that any suitor must pay a dowry of one billion dinars, provide a hundred exceptional gifts, and engage in three challenges, including defeating her in combat. Surprisingly, King Hasanul Mauzur agreed to her conditions and proclaimed that the challenges would be announced later.

The king then shared a secret with Shulaira, revealing that he once encountered three extraordinary beings who were capable of crossing these challenges. However, he kept their existence a mystery and agreed to abide by Shulaira's wishes.

Shulaira, at the age of ten, already envisioned the requirements for her potential husband. Her father, impressed by her determination and love for her mother, agreed to her demands. He explained to her the legend of these three beings and the daunting tasks she had laid before her suitors.

Shulaira understood the arduous journey she had set for anyone wanting her hand in marriage, but she remained resolute in her decision. The king, though filled with joy and admiration for his daughter, warned her that it would be a difficult quest to find someone capable of completing these challenges. Nevertheless, Shulaira stood firm in her resolve, ready to witness the unfolding of her unique marriage condition.

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