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Author: Safiyya Mrs J Moon ,

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HATSABIBIN TSIBIRI  Complete Document Written By Safiyya Mrs J Moon


Kabobo Sea, situated in the forest area west of the Hatsabibin strip and east of the city of Mungaye, is a vast and elongated body of water. Its unique feature is the mesmerizing transformation of its color from blue in the morning to white in the evening. This phenomenon allows observers to witness the creatures inhabiting the sea's depths and floating on the surface, including various fish and plants. The sea's grandeur is visible from a distance, but the Fulani herdsmen, though aware of its beauty, cannot access it or allow their animals to drink from it due to the obstacles and dangers en route.

Princess Lina, the daughter of the ruler of Hatsabiban Island, had chosen Kabobo Sea as her abode. To honor her wishes, the Fulani herdsmen and sorcerers were persuaded to avoid the sea, creating an aura of reverence around it. However, not everyone dares to venture into the Tekun forest, and those who do seldom return unscathed.

A storm suddenly engulfed the sky, casting darkness over the forest as if rain were imminent. The wind howled with immense force, lifting everything in its path, even small stones that seemed to hover in the air like fireflies. The commotion extended to the treetops, where birds sought refuge.

Meanwhile, Princess Lina sat calmly on the surface of Kabobo Sea, her legs crossed on a chair, resembling a rock. The sea water, bubbling and twisting, approached her but diverted around her, leaving the rock beneath her untouched. She observed with delight as the sea played its games.

When the sea roared, she raised her head to the darkening sky, then looked down at her own reflection in the water. Her eyes conveyed a sense of chaos, and she touched her left hand to her skin, appreciating her own beauty. Raindrops fell, and she wiped her eyes, shaking her head and pulling her hair up, causing water to spray around her.

In a moment of reflection, Princess Lina spoke to herself, expressing dissatisfaction with the state of affairs on the island. With a determined gesture, she pointed towards the storm, and a beam of light shot from her hand, breaking the sky. She stood on the water's surface, and with a dive, she disappeared, leaving only a trace of lightning where her chair once stood.

A black bird with a red face flew over the sea, eventually transforming into black smoke. Princess Lina, submerged for fifteen minutes, resurfaced and walked on the water as if it were solid ground. The water splashed behind her, mimicking the movement of dust following the back of shoes on a sandy path. She moved gracefully, her white soles creating ripples that seemed to echo her presence. The residents, clad in thin pants, observed her footsteps, awestruck by the ethereal beauty and enigmatic authority she exuded.

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