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AUREN BAZATA Complete Hausa Novel Document by AUREN BAZATA


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Author: Khadija S Dogarai (Lipton Girl) ,

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AUREN BAZATA Complete Document Written By Lipton Girl


Haneefa hurried along the street, her mind preoccupied with the day's errands. As she passed the local shop, she stopped to purchase some soup oil, her thoughts elsewhere. Suddenly, she felt a splash of water hit her, drenching her clothes and face. Shocked and angered, she turned to see the culprit, but they had already disappeared into a nearby building.

Fuming, she continued on her way, her face etched with frustration. A passerby, Lameer, tried to engage her in a playful conversation, but Haneefa was in no mood for games. She ignored his attempts, focusing on reaching her destination. As she walked, she couldn't shake the feeling of indignation at the disrespectful behavior she had just encountered.

In the distance, she spotted her home and quickened her pace. Upon arrival, she was greeted by her concerned mother, who immediately noticed her disheveled state. Haneefa recounted the incident to her mother, who grew increasingly worried about her daughter's safety in the neighborhood.

As they discussed the events, Haneefa's mother expressed her concern, urging her daughter to be cautious and avoid further altercations. She was visibly distressed, worried about the potential consequences of the escalating tensions in the area. Haneefa reassured her mother, but the unease lingered in the air as they both grappled with the unsettling encounter.


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