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BAFULATANA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAFULATANA


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Author: Chubado Mohd ,

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BAFULATANA Complete Document Written By Chubado Mohd


The passage describes a young girl named Rabe, who is walking through the forest with her father and their cows. After the father instructs Rabe to return home, she rests under a tree. She awakens to changing weather, with the wind turning from sweet to strong and the sky darkening. She heads back home, and upon reaching their dwelling, she encounters her stepmother, Inna Laure, who scolds her.

Inna Laure's harsh treatment leaves Rabe frustrated and confused. When a confrontation ensues, Rabe is struck on the forehead by a bowl, causing her to run out of the hut in fear. She runs into her father, Mr. Moddibo, who takes her to their room to treat her wound. Mr. Moddibo consoles Rabe, revealing his own pain and the loss of Rabe's mother and another relative, likely Uwama's son.

The narrative conveys a sense of hardship and struggle, especially in Rabe's relationship with her stepmother. Rabe's strong emotional response and fear of blood highlight her vulnerability. Meanwhile, Mr. Moddibo's compassion and concern for Rabe's well-being demonstrate his paternal love and protection. The story suggests a challenging family dynamic, with underlying tensions and unresolved conflicts.

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