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ZAWARCI Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZAWARCI


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Author: Jameela Musa ,

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ZAWARCI Complete Document Written By Jameela Musa


*K* lay in the center of the room, her stomach grumbling with hunger. Flies buzzed around the space like uninvited guests at a neglected gathering. Tears streamed down her face as she lamented her misfortune. "If I were there, it wouldn't be like this. I could endure the hunger and the filth," she muttered, wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. Her mother's voice calling her name interrupted her thoughts.

"R*aihana, did you not hear me?" her mother asked, stepping into the yard.

*Raihana adjusted her clothing and replied, "Umma, I will do it." Umma laughed and patted her hand. "You always say that," she remarked, gesturing towards the boy. "He charges one hundred and fifty for the laundry." The boy nodded in agreement, and Umma handed over the money.

"Before you begin, wash your father's clothes first," Umma instructed. *Raihana washed her father's garments in two different shades before proceeding with the rest of the laundry.

After finishing, she hung her hijab to dry and left the house. As she walked, the community members jeered at her. "A pious widow, managing the household," they mocked. *Raihana ignored the taunts and proceeded to the shop, where she requested a quarter's worth of flour. When informed about her debt, she politely asked for patience.

Returning home, she encountered her father's wife, who inquired about her whereabouts. *Raihana retrieved the flour and assured her to store it properly. She explained that she had completed the laundry and received her payment before retreating to her room.

Exhausted and hungry, *Raihana laid on her bed, her stomach aching from the prolonged hunger. Memories of better times flooded her mind, highlighting the stark contrast of her current situation. Resolute, she got up and headed to the courtyard to receive her laundry. After speaking with Zainaba, she made her way to the designated area and asked, "Mama requested some pasta?"

Zainaba confirmed the request and advised her to retrieve it. Gwago, a bystander, chastised her for her apparent disregard for her father's plight. Distressed, *Raihana left for her room, the weight of her circumstances heavy on her shoulders.

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