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RAYUWAR JANNAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by RAYUWAR JANNAH


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RAYUWAR JANNAH Complete Document Written By Oum Amjad


In the village of Namoda in Zamfara state, there is a small settlement called Barkeji. Malan Amadu is a prominent resident of the town. His wife's name is Azumi, and their daughter is named "Jannah," but she is affectionately known as "Mama." Jannah, their only daughter, lost her younger brothers soon after their births. This unfortunate series of events left Malan Amadu without the son he yearned for, instilling in him a deep sense of desolation and disappointment.

Amadu's deep longing for a son has caused him to harbor a strong resentment toward Jannah. His behavior toward his daughter has not gone unnoticed by the people of the village, many of whom have begun to express disdain for the mistreatment she endures. Jannah's education is not a consistent one; her father's reluctance to pay her school fees results in sporadic attendance at the boarding school.

On this particular day, Jannah sits and weeps as she tries to repair her torn school uniform. Her father, immersed in his own frustrations, ignores her completely. His neglect pushes Jannah to seek refuge in her screen, hoping to find solace in a lost message. Her tearful pleas for forgiveness fall on deaf ears, as her father's anger and resentment only continue to escalate. Amadu's wife watches in silence, her patience stretched thin by her husband's cruelty.

As the situation intensifies, Amadu erupts in a fit of rage, unleashing his fury on Jannah. Mama, Jannah's mother, weeps on the sidelines, unable to intervene. Her father's accusations of witchcraft and blame for the deaths of her siblings weigh heavily on Jannah, pushing her to the brink of despair. Despite Mama's attempts to protect her, Jannah suffers at the hands of her father's brutality.

Moments later, Jannah is left battered and unconscious, the pain too much for her to bear. Mama rushes to her side, cradling her in her arms. Jannah, in her delirium, pleads to be taken away from her father. Mama consoles her, reminding her that despite his faults, he is still her father, and that she must seek solace in prayer.

Jannah's expulsion from school only adds to her distress. She sits in her mother's room, her mind weighed down by the burden of her suffering. Moved by her daughter's plight, Mama wipes away her tears, offering comfort and solace to Jannah's aching soul.

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