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ZAYYAN ZEEYAT Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZAYYAN ZEEYAT


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Author: Mujahida Matar Malam ,

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ZAYYAN ZEEYAT   Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


He couldn't tear his gaze away from a young girl attempting to climb onto his shoulders. Salif was speaking to him, yet Sam's attention remained fixated on the sight of the charming man across the way.

Noticing Sam's distraction, Salif grew perturbed, struggling to hold his attention. Sam, however, kept his eyes fixed on the direction where the young woman stood. He didn't catch a glimpse of her face, only the sight of her back as she donned a luminous white garment.

As they passed by, the handsome man took a deep breath, causing Salif to startle. "So, there's business to attend to, Saran Dawa and rights. Now, come back to reality, let's discuss the matter. Or are you still ogling at me?" he teased.

Dariya Nawar chuckled, "Our friend here is enchanted by the sun. I can't wait to catch a glimpse of the lady who has captured the attention of this gallant gentleman."

Sam remained silent, captivated by the girl's presence, but he couldn't help but reveal his true feelings.

Finally, he exhaled softly before speaking in a gentle tone, "Kuncika surutu, I've called you to meet me in the office. Let's discuss the issue. I won't be going in my car, let's walk to the destination."

Their banter continued as they discussed a mutual acquaintance, with the sight of the young man clearly troubling Sam.

"God, it's not easy, my friend. We don't have such beauty in our neighborhood," Salif commented.

Nawar added, "Regardless of what happens, I'll be sure to let you know."

"Alright, let's go, sir and madam," Salif replied.

"Yes, they'll meet soon," he affirmed.

The narrative then shifted to a description of Zayyan, a well-educated young man from a wealthy background, son of Alhaji Bashir Wada, a prominent figure in Nigeria's petroleum and gas sector. Zayyan, though in his thirties, remained unmarried, frequently citing his parents' marriage as a benchmark for his own. His wife, Nawal, was a friend of Nawar, and they had a child named Affan. Zayyan's sister, Mannir, was currently abroad for military service, while their youngest daughter, Ihsan, was in nursery school. Their upbringing was attributed to their mother's guidance and their parents' discipline.

Zayyan was an attractive man, often attracting attention from women, although he remained largely indifferent. He was knowledgeable and well-versed in the world, yet he prioritized his duties over personal interests.

With that, the tale paused for a rest.


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