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JAMI'IN SIRRI C I D Complete Hausa Novel Document by JAMI'IN SIRRI C I D


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Author: Mujahida Matar Malam ,

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JAMI'IN SIRRI C I D   Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


She drove slowly down the road, the sound of recitation echoing wherever she went. Hadida maneuvered her car carefully through the narrow lane, passing by modest houses in the neighborhood, her gaze drifting over them, filled with a sense of unease.

"Nashiga Uku, just look at this child of God. He's still alive," the man exclaimed, his mouth bleeding from the impact.

"Well, you mad driver, you should be more careful driving through a small neighborhood like this," she retorted.

"That's the thing with these rich kids. They have no fear of God, no respect for fellow human beings, especially the poor," another bystander added, standing nearby.

Despite the sting of their words, she persisted, "Let's get him in the car and take him to the hospital before it's too late."

"By God, Nidai, it's not my fault. I just moved," the man defended himself.

"Oh God, this is a lack of faith. I asked for your help at the Akaishi Hospital, but you refused," she muttered in frustration.

An elderly man approached and spoke, "Son, we can't wait around. You can do it. Bismillah."

Yahya simply nodded, helping her gently settle Yasashi back into the car. "Boys and girls, let's go to the hospital. May God protect us," he said.

"Well, sir, thank you for this," she acknowledged, as some of the young men touched her and hopped into the car.

In a short while, they arrived at the hospital. Exiting the vehicle, they hurried inside, Yasashi in dire need of emergency care.

Stepping out of her socks and shoes, she felt the ground beneath her feet, her heart racing with fear. After a few hours, a doctor emerged, wiping sweat from his brow.

"Doctor, come down. You're doing great, but you need to calm down. Why are you so worked up?" she inquired.

"Before we discuss that, let me know the patient's condition," she added.

A nurse provided an update, "His state is like he's lost his memory, but we won't know for sure until he wakes up."

"I'll go in. I'm Naina. Let me see him," she insisted, not waiting for any further conversation.

Inside the room, she found him lying in bed, half of his body covered with bandages. Even in his sleep, the pain etched on his face couldn't diminish his innate beauty. She took a seat by his side, closing her eyes. Exhaustion settled over her, having traveled back from the village without rest.

Around 4:30, he suddenly opened his eyes, startling her from a half-sleep. Her mind immediately raced back home to Gurin Ummen. Hastily, she rose to her feet and said...


Be with Us

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