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BAFULLATANAN RUGA 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by BAFULLATANAN RUGA 1


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Author: Maman Teddy ,

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BAFULATANAN RUGA   Complete Document Written By Maman Teddy


The wind picked up as the rain poured down, darkening the sky already laden with dust and storms. Reacting swiftly, Mairo stood up, gripping a stick in her hand, and began speaking in the Fulani language to those around her. The way the people started gravitating towards her as if understanding her words forced us to stop and take notice.

Undoubtedly, she was a true Fulani, and if I told you she spoke any other language, you wouldn't believe it. Her appearance perfectly reflected her heritage; her wild-looking hair, thick and coiled, coiled so tightly that it seemed like a monumental task. Sanyeta, the Fulani dress draped over her, attested to her roots. Her long, flowing hair barely touched her feet, and she stood of average height.

She gestured for the elephants to speed their way through the forest, pushing forward to reach their home before the downpour. However, the water caught up to them, soaking them to the bone. Despite her small frame, she continued leading the way, swatting at the branches that obstructed their path.

It was a long walk before they finally reached their dwelling in the west, drenched to the skin. The village's young inhabitants resided in makeshift huts, and some of them were busy eating while the women sold milk from their cows. Mairo passed them by, paying no heed, and headed straight for their huts.

Salisu, one of the village locals, cast a curious glance at Mairo before whispering to his siblings, "Hmm, this girl makes me wonder. She's always so melancholy." His hushed voice was brimming with gossip, and he continued, "And look at her hair, it's grown so much. She's unmarried and has no children. She's always with her parents." The gossip continued unabated.

Upon reaching their hut, Mairo went to Umma Yadikko's house. As Umma Yadikko reached out to touch her hand, she felt Mairo's water-soaked clothes. In Fulani, Umma Yadikko inquired, "Mairo, did the water reach you?" A mischievous glint shone in Mairo's eyes as she smiled and bowed her head in response.

Aware of her daughter's situation, Umma Yadikko took Mairo's hand and led her to the hut. Inside, she brought out some dry clothes and served her warm milk, before heading out to tend to their herd of cows.


She lay against his body as he traced every curve of her with a tenderness that made her forget the world. Her face resembled that of a small teddy bear, fitting perfectly against his frame. Gradually, she initiated her own moves, leaving her husband bewildered. Running her hair across his chest, she elicited a chuckle, then pressing herself against him, inhaling his scent.

He altered his approach, ensuring their passion didn't wane, kissing her all over and savoring every inch of her body, which she enjoyed immensely. As he heightened their intimacy, he began to grow in size, prompting him to whisper tremulously, ", I want to talk about our baby. Take it easy, do you understand? We should be cautious because you're not tired yet."

Amaimakon didn't respond; she merely let out a pitiful, heart-wrenching cry. He wiped away her tears, his fur covering his face, trying to comfort her. In a persuasive tone, he implored, "Please, my love, listen to me. Your tears are breaking my heart. I have been patient for our baby, choosing a life of solitude. You're the only one I've ever loved."

Deeply moved, she replied, "Oh, my love, do you feel the chill? There's no need for tears. We've been together for years, but God hasn't granted us children. Look at us; we've always wanted a child, but we've remained childless. I, too, long to hold our baby like other parents do." With her grandson in her arms, Ammi displayed her affection, fully aware of Da Ammiey's animosity towards them due to their barrenness. As she sobbed, resting her head on his lap, it seemed like her spirit was breaking.



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