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MATAR SO Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATAR SO


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MATAR SO Complete Document Written By Mai Dambu


"I returned home with my school bag, exhausted and panting," she said, smiling. "Welcome back, mother of the house!" I nodded silently and settled in the living room to watch TV. Glancing at her, I asked, "Mama Amarya, did something happen when I overheard the community talking earlier?"

She sighed, frustrated, and shifted her attention back to the TV. "It's Gausiya. She was discussing her husband's behavior, it seems."

As I sat up, I recalled spotting Yasmen's father's car outside. "Was that the case?"

Unsure of the direction the conversation was taking, I returned to bed, listening to Aunt Gausiya's grievances about her unfair husband, which left me fuming. I interjected, "Albasa isn't any better, she keeps sullying her marriage and will end up crying alone."

Mama Amarya looked at me tearfully and said, "Maryam Sajida, do you think this boy and Gausiya serve her? We've even told Malam that Sajida's actions have nothing to do with Gausiya. Her behavior is terrible, she even follows her husband around like a lapdog."

Excited, I got off the bed and sat in front of her. "Mama Bride, we won't let Rahima and Rahila play the fool. You said it yourself, Mom, I know Aunty Shema'u and Aunty Asma'u feel sorry for me."

"Maryam Sajida, sit down and be patient, Mama," she said, "I despise Aunty Gausiya. She claims it's not Malam's child and blames Mama for her worries. We'll marry whoever Malam chooses for us, even if he says not to worry, or sisters." We ignored them as they've broken the rules; none of them even said hello. Witnessing this, Rahima entered and greeted us, and Rahila followed suit.

While we chatted, Umma greeted us from behind the curtain. We responded, and then they left with Aunty Gausiya. Rahila headed down the hall, followed by Rahima, while I observed Umma and Gausiya exchange greetings, before I too walked down the hall.

Glaring at Umma, she asked angrily, "Umma, what did I tell them?"

Umma smiled and replied, "Just a few reminders. Parents and husbands who can't nurture you won't nurture you."

Her head bowed in sadness, she said nothing. Umma continued, "Bride, I'm sorry, you birthed him, not his character. No matter what you do, it won't change. I told her to leave."

"Oh, Umma Yara, I will tell her there's nothing sadder than disrespecting her husband and claiming she's a teacher's daughter. When I visited Malam Mudi's house yesterday, it was clear the teacher behaved like one. She needs discipline. No wonder Shukra and Hamdiya are well-behaved. But I'll take her issue upon myself; may God guide her."

Umma's demeanor turned cold, and she remarked, "Yes, we know, but we won't forgive."

"Hmm, God has spoken, when she meets her match, she'll back down. Malam's son warned her not to take her with him; you'll manage without her." Mikewa's calm presence felt more comforting than Umma and Mom's advice.

He gazed at his computer, feeling dejected. "Yunus, I apologize, I can't give you what I want, thank God for the three of you, but they don't have time for you. Nifa is no different, yet I feel at ease and relaxed. When I consider the respect for her parents and mine, everything seems clear to me."

Before responding, Fix said, "Aman, you mean the disputes haven't ceased yet? I'm surprised at our women here. All your efforts will pay off eventually, don't worry."

Aman rubbed his forehead and straightened up, saying, "If I want peace with her, I'll offer her money and pamper her, then I'll buy her food from outside. She won't even realize she's being taken advantage of. The Hindu WhatsApp groups are there, but she's oblivious to how it impacts our home life."

"Hmm. Aman, you may find her at home, but Hafsa will never be found at home. Asalima, go and look around the house. It's her family's anniversary today, and her friend's sister's name day is tomorrow. Mother, father, my cousin hasn't stepped into the house; he became aggressive before leaving. Perhaps my voice is too loud when I talk to him, or he's jealous, who knows," he finished.

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