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Author: Aisha Ali Garkuwa ,

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RUBUTACCEN AL'AMARI Complete Document Written By Aisha Ali Garkuwa


When they arrived at their village line, Usman patted the shoulders of his friend Nura who was pulling their car and said with wide eyes.
"Hey Nuru, don't stay here until you enter the house, I'll go down here!"
Kai Nuru turned around and stopped looking at him and smiled when he saw how Usman, the king of noise, rolled his eyes and said with a smile.
"Hey Usman, I'm Hamma Umar, I'm surprised to hear how someone keeps you at home like a woman! Listen to how you are a wide-eyed man, now he's in the hallway checking on the sick people who come to him."

As for Usman, leaving the car, he went out and attacked Nuru and said.
"I don't want you all to be crazy about women until night comes and ask me to accompany you. You know very well that Hamma Farouq will ask me and give me my medicine."

Nuru just laughed and pulled his car and left.

As for Usman, with a stick and a little lift of his feet, he entered the house,
His attention was on the other side of some huts that were built with modern buildings and the top of them was roofed with grass and looked like Fulani cloth huts. Shaktawa is a white young man who is very handsome and looks like Dr. Umar Faruoq. of themselves.

When Usman saw this, he quickly raised his feet and went inside the house.
He went directly to the Parlor Nenne, making a cheerful greeting,
and entering the Parlor he was panting and a little open-eyed.
Nenne came out of the bedroom with a calm face and said.

"Usman, where did you come from?"

He laughed for a while and slid down to sit next to Ummul who was following him with her eyes, then Adam and Sadik who were sitting next to him both stared at Usman with a smile Ummul said.
"Is it bad that he complained or Usman?"

He turned his head a little and said in relief.

"Tab Nenne Hamma Umar came to look for me, didn't he?"
Adam said quickly and provocatively.
"Ehh, he came on 3 feet looking for you."

His eyes widened and he said.
"Well, I didn't go anywhere!
I just accompanied my friend Nuru to talk to a young woman,
and now I know that Hamma Umar will say that I did not take my medicine."

Nenne laughed carefully and said.
"Yes, father Usman will come."

He also laughed in a light hearted manner and said.
"Ummul, what did you cook for us? My son, I'm starving."

It was Sadik who said it.
"Yes, she got up and cooked for you. She made some vegetable soup for you and you were not allowed to eat it."

His face was a little tight during the conversation he said.
"Ummul's talk today just doesn't matter to me."

Nenne looked at him carefully and said.
"Tell Usman to follow the rules of doctors or to get your health back."

Baki pushed and said.
"Damn, I'm sick of these rules, if anything green, I won't eat it.
Son of God, did you just hear Nenne today?

She was like Nenne, she could feel Usman's caress in her heart because of the pain that accompanies him, he is a young boy.

And Usman laughed and looked at O Adam and said.
"O Adam, what is Nuru doing when we go to his baby?"

Adam smiled and said.
"I will know if you tell me."

It was Ummul who called her and said.
"O Usman, what is he doing?"

He grabbed Ummul's hand in a funny way and said.
"Go and bring me food and I will tell you."

"Toh" she said while going up the stairs to the kitchen, she quickly served him the food and then she came back to the parlor stool and walked in front of him and placed the food for him, wanting to hear the conversation.
"So here's what to eat for us."

He smiled and stood up and said.
"Nenne, do you always visit Nuru, he will come and say that I will accompany him to talk, but when we go, nothing but nonsense."

Adam's eyes widened and he laughed.
"Like rain?"

He laughed and said.
"You always drink, Nenne. When we go to the door of their house, the girlfriend gets up, Nuru looks at me and says, "K.. K.. You Bosho k.. Stay in the car, get out.
I laughed and said,
when she was sent out, he told her to sit on the car,
And she sat on the top of the car and watched him."
She was heartbroken and said.
"Hmmmm Nenne, do you know what Ruk'ayyan says to him?"

Adam and Sadik are already laughing and Ummul is also laughing.
Nenne was also smiling and shaking her head in the sign of yes, yes.

As for Usman, while showing them what he actually did, he pulled Ummul's hand and placed it on the arm of the chair and moved closer to her and put one foot in front of the other and turned back and then he rinked. He bowed down a bit and looked like a wazifa man and then he looked at Sadik and said.
"Oh Sadik Kunga, right?
By the way, Nuru is standing in front of her as if he is sleepy.
Then he looked at Nenne and said.
"Nenne, you know what she says to her

Be with Us


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