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NI DA PATIENT DINA book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by NI DA PATIENT DINA book 2


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NI DA PATIENT DINA book 2 Complete Document Written By Mrs Isham


She gazed up, meeting Mr. San Gasgata's son, Azaad's meaningful gaze. He nodded, indicating his understanding. "Please give me iKon to pass this test," she silently prayed. Whether her mother would be pleased or not, she couldn't contain her joy at this news. Her long-held dream was finally coming true, and she yearned to feel her daughter's hair and see God answer her prayers. Yet, the lingering question remained—would she agree to this marriage?

"Mama, did you hear her? She's been doing the same thing for the past two to three hours," she recollected, until it was confirmed that she was a married woman. God's grace had truly surprised her. Reflecting on how anyone could plan everything they wanted, she couldn't help but think about returning to another house and starting a new life.

In that moment, a sense of yearning enveloped her. Watching her in silence, playing with her fingers, my father spoke, "Fatima, I know you've always been obedient to us. You've never disobeyed our commands, and I am truly proud of you. This marriage isn't about any of us; it's about protecting your honor and dignity, and ours as a family. I apologize to you and Sesun, but this marriage is a part of your destiny. God has decreed that he is your husband, and you are his wife. Be patient and embrace this union."

She was rendered completely speechless. Her father's words had struck her to the core, leaving her with a numbing sense of resignation. Gradually, she managed to regain her composure, the only outlet for her thoughts being silent prayers.

"Fatima, don't you agree?" Abba persisted. "We understand that you must have heard about this at some point, but we're doing this to clear your name." Playing with her elegant, chocolate-colored fingers, she softly replied, "I agree." Their surprise was palpable, yet they had considered her obedient nature. Even if it wasn't an ideal situation, she would never object or disobey their commands.

"Tomorrow, Ashirya will be interviewing them on TV," Abba mentioned. "I'll handle that, it's not a problem." With that, he reached for his phone and dialed the customer service number of BBC News. A woman named Jennifer answered, and he said, "Hi, I'm Faisal Adamu, Azaad's billionaire official secretary. I'm pleased to inform you that your request for an interview has been approved."

She couldn't contain her excitement. "Thank you, Jesus!" she exclaimed, surrounded by the rest of the Dasukaji employees who were equally thrilled about the long-awaited opportunity to interview him. Faisal then called NTA to inform them before ending the call, leaving everyone in the room silent, eagerly awaiting the words of their majesty.

"Alhamdulillah," he began, "Next, I want to emphasize that every betrothed girl should stay away from her husband's house on the day of Inbawai. There is a valid reason for this arrangement." After the Isha prayer, a thud resounded before the fan of her thoughts could spin thrice. This meant that she wouldn't be sleeping in their house, nor would she have any kind of life with Mr. Azaad. The father's reasoning aligned with the mother's and Usman's; the bride would be provided for, given furniture, and all her necessary belongings, considered a small privilege in this scenario.

The father walked away, adding, "What would you have me do, sir? I can't bear to let the betrothed bride into her husband's room. She will receive the blessings of marriage; that's the rule! But from today until tomorrow, we are unprepared. We haven't saved anything. I hope God will provide from today to tomorrow." The elders exchanged knowing smiles, and addressing the occupants of the living room, he continued, "Have you come across any verse or hadith that suggests a woman should come to her marriage home fully equipped? What more would she need beyond what the husband provides in his house? Let's not forget our Islamic teachings. As long as a man marries her, the responsibility is entirely his, from the household items to the environment."


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