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YAR AIKIN KARUWAI Book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR AIKIN KARUWAI Book 2


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Author: Asma Baffa ,

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YAR AIKIN KARUWAI 2 Complete Document Written By Asma baffa


As they halted by the roadside in Maiduguri, the vibrant gala camp whizzed past them. The treacherous villages they passed loomed in the distance, casting a shadow over their journey. Rufaida, pushing her way out of the car, exclaimed about the unbearable heat, suggesting they seek shelter under a tree or a scorpion-infested bag until the scorching sun relented. The passengers, parched and weary, tossed out their water bottles and resumed their limping trek. Grandpa, seated next to Rana, requested water to quench their thirst. A young man, with an empty gaze fixated on Rufaida, implored her for water, invoking God. Disregarding the plea, Rufaida paid no mind to the young man's words, prompting his dejected murmur about shamelessly urinating that day. Disheartened, the group resumed their journey.

With the car back in motion, Rufaida, overcome with relief, shed tears of joy. Extending her hand towards Grandpa, she beamed. Meanwhile, Chin Chin, Tayo, and Guzuri's meat pie were distributed, bringing a moment of solace amidst the turmoil. Rufaida, offering a sweet treat to the onlookers, shared the palm oil and fresh dates, ensuring everyone had their share. Their continued passage through the perilous village spurred Rufaida to beseech prayers for their safe passage.

Amidst their journey through the town, the sight of lifeless bodies strewn along the road sent shivers down Cele's spine. The ghastly scene compelled them to hasten their pace, ignoring the nearby water source. Frantically, some sought refuge atop the hill, while others scrambled to secure their belongings. A mother, holding her three-month-old son, was implored by an agent to part with her child for the sake of their escape. Fadi and Cele quickly gathered their belongings, offering support to others as they made a dash for safety. Grandpa stumbled but quickly regained his footing, aided by the group's collective effort to flee.

Cele, donning a knee-length shirt and pants, led the group to the hilltop for cover. In a moment of recollection, they realized Nisa's father had been left behind in the car. The rushing water blocked their path, urging them to return to their vehicle, now completely submerged. As they retreated to their initial location, Baba Kamar's condition worsened, necessitating a swift drainage of the floodwater to free their car. Stranded on the hilltop for two days, they eventually witnessed the water receding, allowing them to change into dry clothes, safeguarded by their waterproof bags.

Observing the women seek refuge behind the hill, Cele's gaze met Mustapha's, eliciting a sharp rebuke from her. As they scavenged for new clothing, Cele contemplated their next move, preparing to leave as soon as the evening approached.


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