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BANDIRAWO Complete Hausa Novel Document by BANDIRAWO


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Author: Aisha Ali Garkuwa ,

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BANDIRAWO Complete Document Written By Aisha Ali Garkuwa


Approximately 10 Hilux vehicles exited the military academy in Kaduna State, known as *Jaji*, in a procession, proceeding towards the main road leading to the inner city of Kaduna. The Hilux vehicles were followed by a sleek black BMW 7 Series with an enticing engine sound. The BMW, adorned in a glossy black color, emitted an attractive shine, including its darkened glass. Trailing behind the BMW were five additional Hilux vehicles.

The soldiers within the Hilux vehicles, both in front of and behind the BMW, displayed tense expressions, their attention focused on the barrels of their guns pointed at other vehicles on the road. The surrounding vehicles wisely veered aside, granting passage, as the military convoy made its way through Kaduna.

Seated in the back of the BMW 7 Series was Brigadier General Aliyu Muhammad Umar Rumoh, attired in a military uniform adorned with colorful badges. The general's appearance hinted at a history of headstrong experiences.

With a solemn countenance, General Aliyu observed the occurrences in the city as the convoy swiftly moved through Kaduna. The procession continued its journey following the disciplined order of the soldiers.

Amidst the passing vehicles, pedestrians, including parents escorting their children to school, made way for the convoy. A concerned onlooker checked the time on his phone, realizing the lateness of the hour, especially for those awaiting the prayer break. Thoughts of the potential delays in getting children to school crossed his mind.

Witnessing the row of cars giving way to the convoy, the onlooker noticed a woman pulling her son along, shielding him from the sun. The sight touched General Aliyu's heart, evoking reflections on the love and care of a mother.

Moved by the scene, General Aliyu instructed his driver, "Hey Sani, pull over and stop the car. I don't want to be a hindrance; let her protect her loved ones."

Following the order, the convoy stopped at the side of the road, and Sani, in the lead Hilux, promptly emerged. As the soldiers secured the area, General Aliyu went to investigate, finding that the woman was tending to her vehicle, ensuring it was roadworthy.

Acknowledging the concerns of the citizens, General Aliyu signaled for the convoy to proceed without further disruption. The convoy continued on its way, and the people, though initially wary, recognized General Aliyu's gesture of consideration.

As the vehicles passed, prayers were uttered for the safety and well-being of the country. After a brief pause, normalcy returned to the road, and the woman, feeling reassured, allowed her son to continue his journey to school.

In a moment of tension, a woman expressed her concern to General Aliyu, fearing repercussions for her son's delayed arrival at school. The general, maintaining composure, assured her, "I know the school you will take him to."

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