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DUK KARFIN IZZATA Complete Hausa Novel Document by DUK KARFIN IZZATA


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DUK KARFIN IZZATA Complete Document Written By Star Lady


London, United Kingdom

A gathering of young men occupies a spacious lounge adorned with two large sofa sets in shades of brown and milky white. A triple staircase graces the room, one on each side and another in the middle, accompanied by a side table and a TV console. The palatial setting captures every detail, prompting someone to stand and describe the room's layout. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes clear that the group is deep in contemplation, their silence giving off an air of seriousness. Their facial expressions, reminiscent of receiving somber news, convey a certain beauty akin to that of Arabs.

These individuals, all fair-skinned, bear a family resemblance, particularly the two seated on a two-seater sofa who share a striking likeness. Noteworthy are their large eyes, with one exhibiting an ash color and the others showcasing light green and black hues. Their features include prominent lips, soft mouths, and for the majority, not overly long beards, coupled with long hair resembling that of women. 

A handsome young man descends from the central staircase, identified as Aryan Aiman Yusuf Ahmad, prompting a question about his intentions. The ensuing dialogue reveals discussions about plans to visit Nigeria, concerns about a wedding, and the changing of names from "Prince Safras" to "DON." The scene unfolds with disagreements, decisions made, and eventually, departure plans set in motion.

Yusuf explores Aryan's room, describing its pristine white ambiance and luxurious furnishings. Meanwhile, DON, seemingly unresponsive, lounges on a bed covered in white linens, displaying a robust physique with a hint of war-like scars. The narrative transitions to Yusuf and Khalid's exploration of Aryan's mansion, revealing luxurious amenities and a serene courtyard with a small pool.

A series of conversations and confrontations occur, revolving around DON's reluctance to attend Hisham's celebration. Eventually, plans are made to use Aryan's private jet for a swift departure to Nigeria. The narrative shifts to their arrival in Nigeria, navigating through the airport and reaching their destination, Hisham's residence, where a warm reception awaits.

The story delves into interactions with Hisham, setting the stage for subsequent events. As the group prepares for a wedding and confrontations arise, tensions build, leading to unexpected phone calls, encounters with acquaintances, and a transition to a hotel setting. The tale unfolds with a mix of familial bonds, cultural nuances, and interpersonal dynamics.

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