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IZZAR MULKI Complete Hausa Novel Document by IZZAR MULKI


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IZZAR MULKI Complete Document Written By Yasmeen Ahmad




Several cars sped down the road, seemingly eager to tear through the pavement. Their destination was the presidential palace, a race of urgency and pain.

Abruptly, one car's nose halted, its occupants, soldiers, swiftly emerging to encircle another car in the middle. This car was a symbol of opulence and beauty.

After a tense 15-minute wait, the car's door finally opened, revealing an unexpected occupant. It was as if the white skin of the door's interior had an opportunity to be displayed.

This lasted for 12 minutes before they emerged completely.

"Wow, Masha Allah," echoed the sentiment, highlighting the significance of unity and togetherness among people.

I, a man in my mid-thirties, tall but not excessively fair, could see his face, though he didn't turn around.

The journey started in Isa and Izza. The individual concealed within was rumored to lack royal or powerful blood.

Seda guided them to the heart of Perlon, and they all responded with hand waves, conveying their reluctance to be confined, obediently following his orders.

Shiko continued onward until he approached an elderly woman seated in one of the Perlon chairs. He paused and gazed at her.

Rai attempted to speak, yet Anna averted his eyes.

"Watafarakallah follow, ahasanilhalikin," I muttered, unwittingly expressing my thoughts. I had never encountered such a handsome man. He possessed a distinct nose and mouth, along with a captivating beard. His features radiated a unique charm.

"Granny, why are you speaking to me like that? Your words seem derogatory," he responded, furrowing his brow.

"Tonaji inba sangamiba, what is your name? Where does your strength lie? You may appear robust, but in reality, you lack substance."

He approached her and took a seat beside her.

"Granny, please, your words are unclear and perplexing. I struggle to understand," I requested.

"Hummmmm, your response signifies a lack of comprehension. What do you think? Three years since the marriage."

"But I'm not sure if he's an lpy. How would I know? Takarase Magar is observing him. He looks equally surprised, this dialogue belongs to her waikobashida lpy every woman inba. Yes, it is a man who doesn't possess an lpy, oh."

He straightened up and humbly pleaded for Mata to approach Pat.

"Sangami!!!! Taketa kwalamashikira But kojuyowa bayibaya," She mimicked you, stating that you will return as soon as you arrive home. Your father asked me to keep an eye on you.

Shiko proceeded to his bedroom and entered the house where a woman sat on the balcony.

He moved away from her and began removing his clothes.

In a fit of anger, Rai yanked off the bed sheets, enveloping himself only in his boxers.

The engineer climbed onto the bed, then headed to the bathroom, opening the door.

She remained silent, tears streaming down her face.

Niko shared, the life he endures with his husband is akin to your husband's.

I glanced back and saw this enchanting woman, words escaping me as I had never before felt sympathy for her.

Masha Allah, she is the only thing I adore due to her remarkable beauty. She possesses Sol, akin to him.

In the bathroom, this young woman, whose grandmother opposed the encounter, contemplated her actions. She reasoned, "You must open the window to expose his nakedness. She lacks shame, capable of undressing before him."

But how would he react to the unveiling of his body through the window? Countless possibilities exist. A woman could unlock his desires by unveiling the window to him and revealing the secrets that satisfy him. Eventually, as he matures, he will comprehend.

Everyone wore their boxers, but Kare wrapped a towel around himself and removed his boxers, embarrassed by his state.

"Hummmm Tirk'ashi, you're right, your approach is different."

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