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ZAFIN KISHI Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZAFIN KISHI


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Author: Rukayya Idris Bala (Auta) ,

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ZAFIN KISHI Complete Document Written By Rukayya Idris Bala (Auta)


While seated in his car, his mind wrestled with thoughts, causing him to decelerate before reaching Mama's house. He approached the door cautiously, holding his breath.

As he settled into sleep, his mother's voice echoed in his mind, rousing him. Mama, standing nearby, inquired about his well-being. He rolled his eyes and replied, expressing contentment but requesting medicine for a persistent cold.

Mama, concerned for her son, fetched the driver. After administering the medicine, he retreated to his room, slipping into a deep sleep unbeknownst to others.

Observing this, Mama returned to the living room, instructing Asabe to prepare a meal before his awakening.

Zulaihat, confined to her room, was lost in thought and eventually succumbed to tears without apparent cause. Saida, having given birth, grappled with silent struggles, emerging around 7:00 a.m. to face the day.

Returning to the kitchen, Zulaihat dialed her phone and discovered Nafisa's absence, realizing she had returned to their room. Jealousy led her to make adjustments, reducing some household items.

Ihsan, by the window, expressed gratitude to Mr. Reza, promising additional thanks for believing in the good news. She revealed her relief at dispelling rumors about Zulaihat and Habib, vowing victory over betrayal.

Meanwhile, Jima found herself alone in the house, overwhelmed by thoughts after a tearful episode in the bathroom.

Habiba, diligently managing her household, completed her chores by early afternoon, preparing for the day in a dress crafted by Habib. However, her hunger persisted, and she awaited Habib's return.

Habib, oblivious until after one o'clock, struggled to wake up. His mother's efforts were necessary, and he awoke surprised by his son Baccin's presence.

Before offering his prayers, Arwallah added a barrier in the hall. Asabe presented a food tray, and despite Habib's slow and reluctant consumption, he expressed gratitude.

Lekawa, cheerful, informed Mama about accompanying Habiba the next day. Mama, sipping watermelon, wished for patience and completion of their trials.

Driving slowly due to a car malfunction, Habib faced discomfort from a recent fall in the front.

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