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RAYUWA DA ƘADDARA 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by RAYUWA DA ƘADDARA 1


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*Story Overview: The Kingdom of Zazzau*


In the heart of Zazzau town lies a kingdom of great significance within the Hausa territory and the broader West African region. The roots of Zazzau's history run deep, reaching back to the pre-Islamic era, before the Jahiliyyah period.


**The Origin of 'Zazzau':** The name 'Zazzau' finds its origin in two possible sources. Firstly, it is linked to the characteristics of the land itself, described as 'zo-zo,' meaning muddy and infertile, making it unsuitable for agriculture. Another interpretation connects 'Zazzau' to a sword, carried by the leader in battle, known as the 'Madau-Zazzau' – not a king as we know it today.


**Zazzau and Zaria:** It's essential to distinguish between Zazzau, the encompassing kingdom, and Zaria, the capital city where the king and his council reside. Various chiefs with their lands are under the king's authority, with orders sent to them.


**The Foundation of Zazzau Kingdom:** In the era of paganism, before the arrival of Islam, the people were primarily engaged in farming and herding, moving from place to place in search of a better life. Leadership was established within the community, leading to the rule of Habe kings and the establishment of the Seven Hausa.


Zazzau, one of the territories where the descendants of Bayajidda held power, was initially led by Gunguma, who journeyed from Daura, passing through Kano and Rano before setting up camp in Kangi.


**The Birth of Zaria:** Zaria's founding story connects to Bakwa Turunku's daughter, Zaria, who is the younger sister of Queen Amina. The decision to move the headquarters of Zazzau to Zaria was influenced by water scarcity during Bakwa Turunku's reign. This move, in 1537, led to the kingdom's permanent relocation to Zaria. In honor of her sister, Queen Amina named the city Zaria and built a palace there.


**Key Locations in Zaria: The Door of Law Zaria:** Within the legal gate is a neighborhood called Jushi, home to the Alhaji Musa Mai Itace family. The structure contains rooms and living spaces for married women, inherited by the male children of the household upon their father's passing.


The eastern part of the house has rooms for married women and is occupied by Malam Adamu and his wives. The second part, belonging to Baba Auwalu, contains rooms for married women and the owner's residence. Notably, each room carries its unique history and inhabitants, shaping the legacy of Zaria.

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