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NAMIJIN ZUMA Complete Hausa Novel Document by NAMIJIN ZUMA


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Added On: 27, Nov 2023

Author: Sa'adatu Bintu Abdullahi ,

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NAMIJIN ZUMA Complete Document Written By Sa'adatu Bint Abdullahi


He strolled leisurely in his sleek, dark gray Mercedes Benz C-Class, its seamless operation confirming its newness. Ainun's beauty was undeniable. The car's tires gracefully rotated on the renowned but deteriorating asphalt road reserved for the affluent who constantly demanded repairs.

As he approached the gate, a young man, captivated by his allure, donned in a crisp blue uniform and black trousers, emerged from security. Fixated on the vehicle, he scrutinized the license plate. The rounded glass door allowed a glimpse inside, prompting the security guard to swiftly open the gate. Parking with a distinct finesse, it was evident that his class set him apart.

Even after parking, he remained inside, taking a good 10 minutes to lift the car's hood. During this time, my attention was drawn to his impeccably groomed legs, reminiscent of someone on vacation wearing white shoes with lengthy, alluring toes. The beauty of his toes was renowned, tempting even the most rational minds. Eventually, he gracefully stepped out, showcasing a stature that demanded admiration.

His height was extraordinary, a mark of distinction that set him apart. His allure was beyond analysis and calculation, capable of overwhelming those lacking in faith. Women, mesmerized by his presence, couldn't help but express their admiration, drawn in by the belief in the goodness within him.

His chocolate-colored skin radiated happiness, with a shade that resembled lightning and a hint of paleness. His physique, of average build, displayed a chest created by divine design. Abundant body hair added to his appeal, lying against a face adorned with long eyelashes framing captivating brown eyes, a rare hue.

His lips, featuring pink below and darker above, adorned a small mouth. A collection of black hair adorned his connected eyebrows and head. At times, the length of his eyelashes necessitated trimming. Despite his youth, his body exuded a sense of maturity, defying easy categorization by age.

Aged 22, he possessed the wealth and presence of someone much older. His confident stride left an indelible impression on married women and villagers alike. His magnetic handsomeness left me nearly breathless, a testament to the divine blessings bestowed upon him. His age remained a mystery, concealed within a body and hair that defied the passage of time.

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