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SAMAREEN BANAH Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by SAMAREEN BANAH Book 1


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Author: Rahma Muh'md Rufa'i Nalele ,

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I am Sailubah Kasim, residing in Kano. At 25 years old, I used to be regarded as a beautiful woman with long, well-kept nails, a curvy figure that I take pride in. When I gaze into the mirror, I see a reflection that satisfies me, a testament to how most women wish to appear.


However, my journey has evolved. I've made a commitment to attain the same level of religious knowledge as the average person, even as I pursue a full doctorate at U:J. But my path has been riddled with challenges.


I once worked as a cashier, aspiring to accumulate wealth and assets like a house and a car, which I believed would come my way. I knew a man who was intelligent yet mischievous, and I was the one who could tame his laughter and chaotic nature.


Then, I married a man, underestimating his strength and bravery. It wasn't the life I had envisioned. In my neighborhood, there's an intriguing house that was once my cousin's.


Ramadan, a dear friend, holds my secrets, and his son is more educated and composed than I am. During Ramadan, his advice guides me. He's a young man, no older than twenty, and his presence in my life spans five years now.


I'm estranged from my mother, living with my father's wife, who, despite her wealth, doesn't bring me happiness. My father amassed a fortune, eventually becoming wealthy. Our house is a grand traditional building, and my neighbors often visit during Ramadan.


I have enlightened friends, focused on their studies and growth.


This is my brief life story, filled with changes, challenges, and unexpected blessings.

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