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SILAR MUTUWA Complete Hausa Novel Document by SILAR MUTUWA


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SILAR MUTUWA Complete Document Written By Zarah Royal Star


*University of Dusitma*

A young woman parked her car neatly on the school grounds and swung open the door, leaving behind a trail of footsteps. She strolled into the school, known as D'in and Kallo, on her inaugural visit.

As she entered, a joyful voice called out to her, and she was swiftly embraced. Glancing back, she furrowed her brow at the enthusiastic crowd, remarking, "Hey Bilki, Nawwara, you're both overwhelming. When will you ever change? This is precisely why I hesitated to attend the same school as you. I told you to go ahead and blaze the trail. The moment I step in, you're ready to abandon me." Once inside her room with all her friends, Nawwara rose and exclaimed, "Hey Surayya, where have you been? We're delighted you're here; we're complete strangers in this school." Bilki chimed in, "Absolutely, Surayya, you've been our childhood friend, but your attitude has become unbearable."

Perceiving their anger, Surayya apologized, saying, "I'm sorry. You're too quick to judge. Give me some patience. The school's portrayal didn't bother me as much as you think." Nawwara interrupted, "Suraya, stop. This isn't the way to go; there's an issue. Will you follow me, or can I lead you to where I need to go?" Bilki pleaded, "Surayya, for heaven's sake, pray to God, don't choose this path. All the schools here have a reputation, and everyone knows their history."

Despite their warnings, Surayya pressed on, expressing, "I want to hear about their feared history. From today, a new narrative will emerge. No one will dare restrict my movements or keep me from places where my heart desires." She spoke with determination, surprising Bilki and the others.

When Surayya opened her eyes, she found herself surrounded by seven men, seemingly in high spirits. One of them, addressing himself as "Oga Goga," remarked, "There's a woman following your path, sharing everything. We need to make sure she knows who you are. Looks like she fits our group."

Unaware of the man approaching her, Suraiya quickly evaded him, sensing the scent of alcohol. The man grinned, making suggestive gestures, and said, "You don't seem to realize how daunting this path is, right? It's fine; we'll bring you into our fold."

Maintaining her composure, Surayya fixed a determined gaze and retorted, "Who are you but servants of God? I'm well aware of the path I'm following. I declare that no one has laid this road, and no one has the authority to block my way. It hasn't been done, and it never will be." Bilki and the others stood beside her, filled with fear.

Goga, speaking loudly, instructed, "Take them and bring them to the girls." Surayya laughed heartily when they reached their destination, surprising Nawwara.

Goga chuckled, saying, "We'll frighten false demons. Let me handle this." Despite Goga's laughter, there was an air of strength in it, a declaration of a man unyielding to societal norms.

Kamin, with an unyielding voice, remarked, "Goga still can't sleep at night, and you, Surayya, show no signs of stopping. I appreciate a fearless girl like you. I'm ready to embrace her spirit."

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