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WACE CE NI KARMRINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by WACE CE NI KARMRINA


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Author: Mamouna Matar Babulaye ,

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In a forest clearing, a young girl of about ten years sat, her head buried in her knees, tears streaming down her face. It had been two years since she found herself in this uninviting forest. What struck me most about her was her hair, which cascaded down her back, reaching all the way to her knees. This girl's hair was a rare sight, almost reminiscent of what I had seen in a Bollywood movie like "Jodhaa Akbar." It was truly remarkable.

As if in response to my thoughts, the girl raised her head, and I was nearly taken aback by her stunning beauty. Her angelic appearance was beyond compare, and even in her disheveled state, her beauty remained undeniable. She was tall and graceful, and her tangled hair somehow added to her allure. She seemed like a heroine from a tale, and when she turned, I noticed an intensity in her eyes, as if fire burned within her.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the story, Kwonce Yake was deeply in love with Prince Kumar, a young man of around twenty-six years. He was romantically involved with Princess Tifa, the daughter of the royal family. Princess Tifa, a former world beauty pageant winner at the age of sixteen, was not only beautiful but also a symbol of grace and elegance, bringing pride to her kingdom.

Back in the forest, the girl continued to gaze into the woods, where she had seen some movement. She spotted a wild animal but realized it posed no harm, so she retreated to her small corner and resumed her tears. Her thoughts often returned to the story of her father, who had found her in this very forest years ago. She had been wearing rags then, in a forest that now held a luxurious charm, complete with golden chains adorning her.

Throughout her life, she had only known the presence of one creature in this forest, Apou. Every day, she shared the story of a distant city teeming with people, a place she had never been.

Alone and in need of guidance, she wished someone would tell her where to go. She didn't know anyone in this strange place, and the sense of isolation weighed heavily on her.

And so, Princess Tifa, the daughter of the wealthy King Raiyan, ruled over a city abundant in wealth, happiness, and peace—a city known as Bagadur. King Raiyan and his wife, Queen Rumana, both of Fulani descent, were renowned for their beauty, which had clearly passed down to their daughter, Tifa. They followed the Muslim faith.

The grandeur of King Raiyan's house was something to behold; it could easily be mistaken for a small town. It was home to countless servants, palace halls, and maids, each with their specific roles and locations within the sprawling estate. The king's palace itself was a magnificent sight, with chambers for both the mother and father.

As for Princess Tifa's room, it was a testament to opulence. Gold chains adorned her endlessly, and even her chair was made of gold. Princess Tifa was indeed a paragon of first-class beauty and grace.


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