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ABBAN SOJOJI Complete Hausa Novel Document by ABBAN SOJOJI


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Added On: 07, Apr 2023

Author: Hafsat Bature ,

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Author Phone : 08103884440

Book License : Paid

Category: Love Novels

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ABBAN SOJOJI complete Document for free

Abban Sojoji is a heartwarming Hausa love novel that takes you on a journey of passion, sacrifice, and true love. This novel tells the story of two young lovers, who must overcome cultural differences, family expectations, and personal struggles to be together. Despite the challenges they face,their love only grows stronger as they support each other through every trial.

With vivid descriptions, realistic characters, and a compelling storyline, Abban Sojoji will keep you captivated from beginning to end.

This novel is not just a love story, but a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of true love.


Description of Abban Sojoji

You are taking a steps in order to download Abban Sojoji complete document, a love and romance paid hausa novel for free written by Hafsat Bature.

For your info Abban Sojoji is not a free hausa novel is a paid novel, and it consists of part 1 and two all of the parts are here you can download them for free.

The complete of the document is for sale, you have to buy it from the author through the details below




Abban Sojoji Document Info

Name Abban Sojoji Complete Hausa Novels
Author Hafsat Bature
Association NULL
Part Part 1 and 2
Author Contact 08103884440


ABAR SO hausa novel







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