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SURBAJO Complete Hausa Novel Document by SURBAJO


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Total Paragraph: 4302

Total Words: 41850



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Added On: 06, Oct 2023

Author: Zahra Muhammad Mahmud Surbajo ,

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Author Group : Unknown group

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Category: Love Novels

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Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem
God bless you, God bless you Lfy
Let's start a new session for a new lesson for you
IF I am wrong pls let me know.

Thank you to God, Allah (SWA), for giving me ability  to finish this book, that is Surbajo by name? Oh God, give me the courage to read the sermon that is in it for women who hate their positives. I love you with all my heart, may God bless us and those who love us, amen, whoever doesn't love us, may God tempt him with our love, God loves to worry in peace. Check out my new book called TREAT OR REVENGE

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