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ZAMAN MARINA Complete Hausa Novel Document by ZAMAN MARINA


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ZAMAN MARINA Complete Document Written By Nabilancy


Four elegant women occupied chairs in the living room, each adorned in luxurious attire. Despite their opulent appearance, none wore a happy expression; instead, sadness lingered as if they mourned a loss. A beautiful young woman emerged, entering her car after the driver courteously opened the door. Parking in the designated spot, she alighted from the vehicle. Her companions, eagerly awaiting her arrival, observed her countenance for any signs of success.

Aunty Ruby, their elder sister, took her hand and led her to a familiar spot—the courtyard adorned with white chairs surrounding a large tent. A small swimming pool and a resting area akin to a bed completed the serene setting. As she surveyed each of their faces, a thin tear trickled down her cheek. Concern for their mother, her little sister, prompted one of them to speak.

"Sis Zuby, aren't you successful? Please calm down and tell us. Go back to crying; we'll find a way out, God willing," implored one of her companions.

Wiping away tears, Zuby replied, "Of course, I am not successful, but I have seen my father, and he still accepts me. However, he despises my father's wife. Aunty Ruby, you allowed me to return home, but I'll go to the barracks until the end of the day. Is that what you want from me these days? Is the fight worth risking my life?"

Tears flowed freely as she laid her head in Aunty Ruby's lap. Aunty Ruby, also moved to tears, looked at Zuby but remained silent.

Laila Ukhty, sympathetic, shared in her sorrow and shed tears. Feedy, though not quick to cry, displayed bravery with her resolute gaze and unyielding heart.

"In reality, your father's actions are severe, but justice should prevail. We should confront the issue, especially with your father's wife," suggested Feedy.

Aunty Ruby interjected, "What should we do for her? Our plan will be ruined if we act according to your wishes. What do you propose?" Zuby, raising her head, responded, "Aunty, my father is different. He refused to marry me, let alone now. He has disowned me. During the war, I married the person I wanted, even if he was poor. If there is a war now, pray that we face it."

Aunty Ruby, undeterred, proposed talking to Khalil, Zuby's father, about marriage after a few hours. Zuby, skeptical, explained, "My father is different. He won't agree; he disowned me. Khalil is my elder brother, and he can do anything for money. He won't refuse. But why do you hate him?" Laila chimed in, "Be pure and sweet, Sis Zuby. Learn to work, and maybe this opportunity will bring the desired outcome."

As they discussed, a large car approached, parking alongside their cars. Aunty Ruby, smiling, exclaimed, "The pride of our family has arrived. He starts with jokes and then sings. Our house now has four women!" They welcomed him, and he found a place near his cousin to join them.

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