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BANSAN INDA SUKE BA Complete Hausa Novel Document by BANSAN INDA SUKE BA


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Added On: 13, Sep 2023

Author: Jameela Jameey ƴar mutan Kankia ,

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A bride is like a moonlit night; she stands out among the stars as everyone gazes at the radiant bride. There are no words; after the doctor examined her health and gave her a clean bill of health with great joy, which brought tears to her eyes, even though she couldn't find a reason to cry, but still, tears rolled down. The doctor stood up and congratulated Barrister Salim, saying, 'Congratulations, Barrister Salim, praise be to Allah, your life is about to begin in the name of Allah.'

He extended his hand, saying, 'Masha Allah, Allah has truly blessed her.' In happiness, the doctor added, 'Amin, O Allah, I will return to our hospital with her grandchildren, may Allah help us.' With excitement, Barrister Salim replied, 'Amin, O Allah, I am grateful.'

After the doctor's departure, Barrister Salim looked at Salma, trying to read the signs of happiness in her eyes. He said, 'Today, Salma, you must tell me who she is, and there must be something special about this lady in your life.' Salma's eyes sparkled as she wondered what Salim would do if he found out about their secret, but she managed to control her emotions. 'Salim, aren't you worried? I have been avoiding this moment for so long, and you know why...' She hesitated but finally said, 'Salim, maybe you should ask her name and get to know her...'

The head of the family, Baban parlour, intervened, saying, 'You must make a decision today, as we trust in Allah's will.' He then shook hands, sealing their agreement. Salma hesitated for a moment, saying, 'Oh Basma! Gosh! Tomorrow we'll be heading to the boarding school... but Basma has never shown any interest in going to boarding school before,' she thought. Salim, on the other hand, had been patient and had waited for years. He had helped them without asking for anything in return, and now, he couldn't wait to see them succeed. 'Salim, do you mind if I tell you what I've been planning to name her? Umma Salma Muhammad, and I plan to make her part of the family...' Zalaya, the head of the family, responded with a smile, 'Go ahead and become a family historian; we're grateful for Allah's blessings.' Then, he extended his hand and held hers, asking, 'What's on your mind?'

Basma was the next one to speak. They were identical twins, and it was hard for anyone to tell Salma and Basma apart, as they even finished each other's sentences. Only their mother could distinguish between them, and even Baffah couldn't tell them apart. So, Basma had confidence, but she didn't say much. Salma, on the other hand, was modest and didn't have the same level of self-confidence, but she was well-informed. As they were about to leave for the school, Basma suddenly asked, 'Mom, are we going to be separated?' Salma, in shock, responded, 'Yes, we're going to boarding school together, why do you ask?' Basma, puzzled, continued, 'Salma, aren't you worried? I heard that boarding school is tough, and I'm not prepared for it at all...' Salma reassured her, 'Don't worry, Basma, we'll manage. Besides, Baffah will make sure we have everything we need, and we'll have enough provisions, like sardines and even Mom will give us two spoons...' Salma was trying to comfort Basma, who was clearly anxious.

In the midst of their discussion, Salma continued, 'And I have something else to tell you, Basma. Today, when we get to Zaliha's house, we'll change into our uniforms.' 'Hello,' Basma replied. 'Hello, Salma and Basma. How are you?' Zaliha asked. 'We're fine, thank you. Today, we're here to pick up our uniforms,' Salma replied. Zaliha couldn't tell the twins apart, so she addressed both of them as Salma. Basma corrected her, 'Actually, Zaliha, I'm Basma. Nice to meet you.' Zaliha, surprised, looked at them and couldn't distinguish between Salma and Basma, so she said, 'Nice to meet you, Salma.' They exchanged greetings and went inside Zaliha's house to collect their uniforms.

Back at home, they were twins, and it was difficult to tell Salma and Basma apart, as they often finished each other's sentences. Their mother was the only one who could tell the difference, and even Baffah couldn't. They shared everything, including clothes. Salma was always one step ahead of Basma in every aspect. Basma was more reserved, but she didn't mind. Salma was the more confident one. They reached home and said, 'Mom, we're back.' She replied, 'Welcome back. Listen carefully, and when you change into your uniforms, don't forget to wear hijabs. You must wear them at all times, even at school.' They agreed, 'Yes, Mom, we will.' 'Also, focus on your studies, and whoever excels will make us proud. We've managed to secure your admission to G.G. Sandamu School in Katsina.' 'Yes, Mom, and as soon as we return from Zaliha's house, we'll start studying for school tomorrow.'



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