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DOCTOR HAJAR Complete Hausa Novel Document by DOCTOR HAJAR


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Added On: 22, Aug 2023

Author: Dija Wazeeri ,

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I offer all praise and thanks to God, the One who fulfills our every need. Oh God, grant us the strength to overcome our fears and remain steadfast in your path. I am deeply grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to begin this book. By Allah's grace, may it be a source of guidance and inspiration.


This article is dedicated to GSKKY BEST BE GI Girls. May Allah grant us the ability to share the stories we long to tell. I humbly request all my brothers and readers not to ask for anything in return but to enjoy the journey through these pages.




I dedicate this book to you, my dear readers and supporters. Your encouragement has been my driving force.


Special thanks to:

- Jannat (rich rich)

- My zee yabour

- First lady

- Husna Bauchi

- Zara Bukar

- MSS xoxo

- Year

- Sajna

- Aisha Abbakar

- Khadija candy

- Maryam Sello

- Anty Khadee

- Mummy Sultan


- Beebei Dee

- Zara B-B

- Action Baby

- Activation


And to all others who have been a part of my life's journey, I hold you in high regard. May Allah bless you abundantly and elevate your status. I have not forgotten the support from the D'where group (d & W novels). Your love and sacrifice will not go unnoticed.


Wishing you all the best on this literary adventure.


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