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MK MIJIN DELU Complete Hausa Novel Document by MK MIJIN DELU


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MIJIN DELU Complete Document Written By Mom Islma



Sitting in front of a tree, she held a stick in her hand. The words she heard caused her to turn and look at the speaker. Her gaze was stern as she addressed him, "Muhammad, when will you understand that I followed you not because I wanted to find a handsome husband, but because you promised me something different? And now you say I'm the only woman in this village?" She ended her speech with a disdainful twist of her lips.

Muhammad, taken aback, broke into a sweat. He pleaded for some space away from her and sat down, saying, "Oh my God, I've always come to you, and you insult me even though God has tested me with your love?"

A cyclist stopped a distance away from them and offered, "Delu, Haladu men, let me buy fish for you." Without hesitation, Delu, also known as the cyclist, started walking towards him, playfully mocking Muhammad.

With a composed demeanor, Muhammad looked at them, shook his head, and muttered a prayer. He couldn't withstand the torment of Delu's affection and knew he needed a connection to their house.

After parting ways with Delu, they went far, and Haladu turned to her, asking, "Are you going to ask for permission to approach my parents soon?"

Delu looked at him, her eyes large and bewildering to young men. She responded, "I won't grant you that permission anytime soon. But before that, I want you to give me money for shopping." She ended her statement with a pout.

Haladu reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out five hundred, and handed it to her, saying, "Mix pink and red, they look nice together."

Her lips showed a reddish hue as she smiled, saying, "Alright, I'll take a bath, and then we'll head to Nidasu. Salam."

He chuckled, displaying his own reddened teeth, and replied, "Alright, be back by night. I'm here to rest."

Upon parting ways, Delu headed home. The distance between their meeting spot and her house was short.

As she entered, she called out, "Barira! Barira!" with no response. This gave her a chance to sit down and strategize. Quickly, she concluded, "Today in Kano, there won't be any trouble since Kawu Inusa mentioned he's coming. He'll realize I won't be staying in DASHI village today."

"Delu, get up and go to the beach, the teacher is expecting guests today."

Barira, Delu's mother, caught her attention. Delu looked at her and exclaimed, "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm heading to Kano."

Barira opened the door, clapped her hands, and turned, placing a bowl of corn in front of Delu. Delu tapped her feet impatiently, grabbed the mill, and declared, "I won't come back home until it's time for this again."

As Delu stepped out, she encountered Hansatu, a fellow villager who carried a bag of corn on her head. Hansatu, adjusting the bag on her waist, playfully said, "Whose father's child are you?" Delu playfully retorted, grabbed Hansatu's neck, and pretended to punch her, saying, "Let's fight for her son and his pain." Hansatu, surprised, retaliated by punching Delu, grabbing her bucket, and running away.

Kwafa intervened, telling Delu, "Don't mind her. I asked your mother, and we'll meet later."

Delu continued her journey, covering a considerable distance. She stopped at the market and spotted a girl about ten years old, Abulle. Delu inquired, "Are you Abulle? What are you doing here?" Abulle responded, "I'm buying two maunds of corn." Without hesitation, Delu handed her the corn and the money, including Haladu's contribution. She noted, "It's a lot of money for this place."

Straight to the bus station, she heard the call, "Kano _ Kano." She quickly got into the car, muttering, "When we get there, my father will give you the fare once he arrives to pick me up..."

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