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AGOLAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by AGOLAH


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Author: Nabila Rabi'u Zango ,

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In Agarin Kaduna, in the Sarki neighborhood, there stood a grand house that I ventured into to learn more about its inhabitants.

Alhaji Abba Bala, a wealthy man of means, resided here with his one wife and two daughters. His wife's name was Hajiya Zarah, hailing from Zaria, and she was the daughter of Malam Garba and his wife, Asabe. Interestingly, Asabe was often referred to as Zarah's aunt, despite not being her biological mother. Asabe had taken Zarah under her wing, raising her as if she were her own child. The reason behind this arrangement remained a mystery, especially given the modest means of their family. Zarah was the only one from her family who had married into wealth, a decision driven primarily by financial considerations.

Their story began when Alhaji Abba Abba visited Zarah's neighborhood while visiting a friend. Upon seeing Zarah and being impressed by her, he expressed his desire to marry her. The feeling was mutual, and their love story took root.

Zarah had a profound love for money and a disdain for poverty. She avoided social gatherings and showed little interest in her family. Even her parents tolerated her attitude. She harbored ambitions of marrying a wealthy man, and her prayers were eventually answered when she met Alhaji Abba.

Although Zarah had shown little interest in religious knowledge or prayer before her marriage, Alhaji Abba's influence began to transform her behavior. He brought happiness to her life and saw the potential for change within her, even though she had not been a virtuous woman prior to their union.

The couple was wed, and they established their home in Kaduna. Their life together was filled with love and affection. Zarah found peace of mind as her husband's wealth continued to grow. Her physical appearance also flourished, and she became renowned for her beauty. She became increasingly distant from her own family and rarely visited her hometown. Even when her husband urged her to see her relatives, she would make brief visits and never stayed overnight. She was hesitant to offer financial support to her family, even when they requested contributions or loans.

Zarah gave birth to her first daughter, whom she named Hauwa. She chose this name in honor of her own parents, who had passed away, leaving Hauwa as their sole heir. This act of naming her daughter reflected her growing detachment from her own family.

After Hauwa's birth, Alhaji Abba, who possessed substantial wealth, encouraged Zarah to embark on a business venture in Dubai. This marked the beginning of her solo trips to Dubai. During one of these visits, she met a prominent businesswoman named Hajiya Karima, and their collaboration was the start of a flourishing business partnership. Zarah's friendship with Karima expanded her horizons and exposed her to various business opportunities. Karima, knowledgeable about the intricacies of the trade, guided Zarah to success. As a result, Zarah was content with her husband's support and had little desire for more wealth, having already experienced the world through her business ventures.

Since the birth of her daughter Jiddah, Zarah had been contemplating her next steps. However, Karima advised her to wait for the birth of a son before making any major decisions, emphasizing the importance of having a male heir in their culture.

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