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NAZLAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by NAZLAH


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Author: Salmaji Yar Lelen Royal Star ,

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NAZLAH Complete Document Written By Salmaji


"He never admits his faults. Every day, his mood swings or malicious actions are enough to drive you crazy. You'll understand his bad behavior when his anger or evil intentions eventually consume you," she remarked, assisting her as the noise escalated. He responded callously, "Oh, yes. Why are you such a jerk? You never talk to me, and even if you want me to beat you, you call me a jerk. You're in this situation, yet you won't feel sorry for yourself, Mutswwww," he concluded in a neutral tone.

The anger seemed capable of killing Iya as she retorted, "Mother, Jaka, you're right. Hasn't your behavior changed? I can see that after drinking, you've become mentally unstable," she said, holding him.

Ignoring him, Sosa replicated Iya's words, saying, "Oh, what Iya said." When he saw him sitting down, he added, "Ma'am, give us a seat, son of God. Just look at the fact that he's a drunkard, even featured in the newspapers."

Iya shifted her focus to Maryam, who was moaning. The water she brought broke the lid as she poured it into Maryam's mouth. After drinking, Maryam lost consciousness. Iya moved away, leaving her to give birth. In less than 20 minutes, Maryam was blessed with a child, and Iya, exhausted, sat down, taking a deep breath.

After tending to the crying baby, Iya set her aside, removing the bloodied clothes. She heated water on the stove in the courtyard, enduring the pain. Once done, she entered and bathed the beautiful baby. The baby's cries startled even Iya.

Seeing the baby unharmed, Iya continued to bathe her, smiling. Yaringar Sak Uwata observed everything, except for her mother. The baby had yellow skin, resembling the color of white skin.

With everything done, Iya laid the baby down to fetch a blanket. As she placed it beside the baby, the baby started crying. Not finding the source of the cries, Iya looked at Maryam, who was peacefully sleeping. Lawan, holding the baby, said, "Don't leave her. Hold her, and we'll go to the bath."

They walked to the bath, where Iya bathed Maryam. They left when the water was low, and the baby screamed upon exiting.

Entering the room, Tabar Iya emerged, saying, "Ungo, this poor girl is crying." Iya, carrying a pot of fire, returned to the room and scolded her husband, who yelled at her to sit down. Iya entered with a plate and admonished the husband, accusing him of causing trouble. She smiled at Lawan, saying, "There's nothing on the floor, Iya," while Iya remained silent, contemplating that only Lawan could stop her from getting on the bed.

"Come on, Maryam, cook something to eat," she moved to Iyar's place, offering a soup bowl. Iyar cried as the soup smelled of butter. Looking at Iya Lawan, she asked, "Where's mine?" Iya responded, "I told you to go."

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