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TAKUN SAKA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TAKUN SAKA


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Author: Billyn Abdul ,

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TAKUN SAKA Complete Document Written By Bilyn Abdul



A line of three white police cars sped down the street, almost resembling a race, their urgency emanating a tense atmosphere that could unsettle even the most fearless. Other vehicles on the road were forced to the side due to the lack of space. Anyone with a sense of speed could recognize the perilous situation. But the question on everyone's mind remained: "What happened to Mike?" There was no answer, just as I lacked one. Yet, the temptation to follow them and uncover the truth was undeniable.


Within the state police headquarters, a sense of chaos prevailed in a particular section, affirming its connection to the speeding cars. Amidst the tumult, most of the department's staff stood in a state of confusion and trepidation, unsure of the unfolding events. Around seven employees, however, remained seated, diligently operating computers with remarkable skill and determination. The room was filled with the rhythmic tapping of keyboards and the beating of anxious hearts.

"Sir, this individual is exceptionally cunning. I don't believe we can thwart him with mere funds this time," one of the computer operators remarked, wiping sweat from his brow, despite the functioning AC. The person he addressed shook his head, his confusion deepening. His frustration eventually led him to pound the desk before him, his eyes radiating a mixture of anger and despair.

"If we allow him to succeed this time, I won't forgive any of you. How long will we be at the mercy of this militant young terrorist who consistently outsmarts the authorities?!!" His words were punctuated by forceful thumps on the desk. The individual who had spoken quickly refocused his attention on the computer screen, deftly manipulating the controls. His colleague next to him also intensified his efforts, trying to keep pace with the urgency.

Their superior continued to navigate the data crisis, while others struggled to maintain their composure. The abrupt cessation of external activity was mirrored by the sudden hush within the room. Confusion hung heavy as they stared at the screens, collectively recognizing the futility of their efforts. Just as he had done before, he emerged victorious, leaving them defeated once more.

Meanwhile, the speeding cars reached a bank, encountering a scene of panic among both customers and employees. The bank's head, especially stubborn and agitated, was grappling with the theft of funds that had been channeled into the governor's wife's account. Despite successfully freezing the account, the financial institution had lost billions, a revelation too alarming to disclose publicly.

Within a short span of time, the White Goods Commission officials and the police converged upon the bank. It was believed that the perpetrator, or an accomplice, might still be within the premises. A comprehensive search was launched, encompassing everyone present. Mobile phones and bags were subjected to scrutiny.

As the investigation unfolded, suspicion fell heavily on the bank's staff. The situation escalated as C.P, a notorious criminal figure with affiliations across various security agencies, arrived at the scene along with the deputy governor and other high-ranking officials. Frustration and despair permeated the air.

Amid the chaos, a policeman expelled beggars from the vicinity, threatening to use pepper spray if they resisted. They quickly dispersed, a crippled man struggling with an old wheelchair, its worn-out wheels emitting a cacophony as he moved down the street, followed by a sense of desolation.

Intrigue and uncertainty continued to mount, leaving those involved and those observing on the edge of their seats, awaiting the unfolding of events.

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