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DR AHMAD Complete Hausa Novel Document by DR AHMAD


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Author: Maman Khadija ,

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DR AHMAD Complete Document Written By Maman Khadija


As soon as he entered the house, his eyes were red from the hardships of the trip. He splashed cold water on himself, greeted in a thin voice, "Peace be upon you."

"Walalaikumussalam, ma'am, you're back? Please bring the bag. May God bless you. One day, you'll be proud of the hardships you're enduring."

He handed her the book bag and took a bucket of water, knowing it was for him. After a refreshing bath, he emerged more composed than when he arrived the other day.

Saida, having finished his preparations, went to his mother's room in tears. After accepting the offered rice, he asked, "Mom, where am I? I heard him move, didn't he?"

His mother reassured him, mentioning that Khadija would come looking for him. Saida expressed concern for his father, and his mother confirmed that his father was well. Saida shared his academic achievements, and his mother encouraged him to persist, assuring him he would achieve his goals.

Saida prepared to sleep on a bed that once belonged to someone else. Despite the worn mattress, he refused to sleep with his head on it. As sleep overcame him, he felt a desperate need for a woman and moved to his mattress on the ground.

The scene shifts as Saida leaves the mosque, heading to Ahmad's house after Ahmad's return from his friend's shop in the Aduk neighborhood.

In another setting, someone is asking for help with chores after finishing their fast. Sada offers to help and explains he is fasting. His mother questions his decision to fast on a Wednesday, but Sada explains it was a personal choice. She forgives him and plans to discuss his worries later.

Later, Ahmad returns from school, hoping to become something. They discuss life after dinner, and Aminu sleeps on Ahmad's bed. Saida opens up to his mother about his concerns, expressing a need to get married and the challenges he faces while trying to focus on his studies.

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