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NUFIN ALLAH BOOK 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by NUFIN ALLAH BOOK 1


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Author: Aisha Sabo Lemu ,

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Around half-past six in the morning, a young woman, her beauty accentuated by her dark complexion, arrived at the door of Alhaji Haruna Musa Giwa's house in Giwa town. Alhaji Haruna was the Mayor of the town and a friend of her late father, Malam Mahmuda. She had been crying and had made her way from the entrance of the town's mosque to Alhaji Haruna's residence. As she sat on the doorstep, she strained to hear the sound of the Quranic recitation coming from the nearby mosque. It was evident that the morning prayers were underway.

However, when she returned after the prayer, she remained seated at the doorstep, her eyes still swollen from crying the entire night. Her mother's condition had left her deeply distraught. She tried to wipe away her tears as she awaited the arrival of the Hakimi (the Mayor).

When the Hakimi, Alhaji Haruna Musa Giwa, finally emerged from the mosque, he initially noticed a woman with a red hijab seated on his doorstep. This sight startled him, and he quickened his pace to reach his house before his children could. He couldn't help but feel that something was amiss.

"Is Najmatu alright? Is Mairo showing signs of improvement?" The Hakimi inquired as he approached the woman seated on the doorstep. As he drew nearer, he realized that it was Najma, the daughter of his late friend.

Najma had been crying, and as she looked up at the Hakimi, a few tears rolled down her cheeks. She sighed and replied, "It's about Mairo, Hakimi, we haven't let you down. But I'm left like this, worrying about her condition."

The Hakimi raised his hands in prayer and exclaimed, "Subhanallah!" He then called out to his son, Auwalu, who had been speaking to some young men nearby. "Auwalu, come here!" he called out. As Auwalu approached, the Hakimi beckoned him closer, and he soon realized that something was amiss.

As the Hakimi inquired about Inna Mairo's condition, they found themselves being rushed to the car with the assistance of Najma and Auwalu. They were headed to the town's hospital, where emergency medical attention was needed. Inna Mairo had fallen unconscious.

At the hospital, they were informed by the attending doctor that her condition had deteriorated due to not taking her medication regularly. The doctor issued a new prescription and advised them to promptly refill her medication as soon as it ran out. He emphasized that if her condition didn't improve after taking the new medication, they should bring her to the main teaching hospital in Shika for further examination.

After receiving the prescription, the Hakimi expressed his gratitude to the medical staff and, with Najma and Inna Mairo, left the doctor's office. Inna Mairo needed time to recover, so they waited for her to regain her senses.

Once Inna Mairo was alert, Najma held her hand, and together they left the doctor's office, where most of the hospital's staff had gathered to see Inna Mairo. The doctor who had examined her was Dr. Zazawawan, the hospital's general practitioner.

As they walked to the car to return home, the Hakimi couldn't help but think about how Inna Mairo's cousins and her father's wife, whom they referred to as Gwaggo, had distanced themselves from her. He shared his concerns with Inna Mairo, saying, "Mairo, for God's sake, if they sever ties with you, will you also turn your back on them and stop attending their gatherings? You must remember that, no matter how much they avoid you and turn their backs on you because they are wealthy, you should not sever ties with your relatives. Even if they sever ties with you, you should maintain the relationship from your side. I'm afraid you might cut ties with all your relatives, and that's not what you should do. Don't forget that you are their niece, Mairamu, and even if they neglect you, you should remain connected to them. Don't let go of your family ties. Even if they shun you and abandon you because they are wealthy, remember that you are one of them, and you should keep that bond strong. You shouldn't let their actions drive a wedge between you and your family."

Inna Mairo listened attentively to the Hakimi's words but couldn't hold back her tears. The emotional toll had been immense, and the pain in her heart was too much to bear.

As the Hakimi learned about Inna Mairo's heartache, he continued to encourage her not to sever ties, even if others had done so. He advised her to always turn to God, increase her patience, and put her trust in Him, for everything in life is ultimately God's will. He urged her to have faith and place her concerns in God's hands.

Upon reaching the Hakimi's house, he told Najma to go inside, as Auwalu would be fetching the prescribed medication soon. The Hakimi reminded Inna Mairo to stop worrying excessively, especially given her high blood pressure and the stress she was under. He emphasized that in life, everything is within God's plan, and they must accept His will. He encouraged her to trust in God's wisdom and not dwell on her worries.

Inna Mairo, though still in distress, appreciated the Hakimi's counsel. She knew she had to find solace in faith and patience and place her trust in God.

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