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NANA KHADIJA Complete Hausa Novel Document by NANA KHADIJA


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Author: Binta Umar Abbale ,

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NANA KHADIJA Complete Document Written By Binta Umar Abbale


He recounted an altercation between Dije and Indo, describing a heated argument about their friendship. Dije allegedly insulted Indo, claiming control over her, and even when attempts were made to separate them, they united against those intervening.

A sudden commotion arose, prompting someone to exclaim, "What kind of abomination is happening here with such barbarism?" Dije promptly released her grip on someone, and a surprised gasp ensued. The scene shifted as Ali appeared, scolding Dije, implying that her behavior resembled her father's, and advising her to take the fight outside to avoid being caught. He lightly touched her mouth, and she responded emotionally, tearfully expressing a sense of injustice. In a group setting, someone slapped Dije, warning her not to utter certain words. A physical struggle ensued, resulting in Dije falling to the ground.

When Ali slapped Dije, witnesses fled, knowing his volatile behavior and his likely association with Zane. Despite Dije being beaten, bystanders continued their activities until her cries were heard. A concerned individual rushed to her aid, decrying the violence and questioning why the neighborhood tolerated such behavior towards women.

The narrative continued with Dije expressing her disdain for evil, and others attempting to intervene and protect her from Ali's aggression. Harara Nene confronted Ali, questioning the reasons behind his violent actions. Ali defended himself, claiming Dije had insulted him and incited a fight. Harara Nene remained firm, criticizing Ali's behavior and urging him to leave the town.

A blank-faced observer, Sani, wondered about the unfolding events. Nene emphasized Dije's penchant for causing trouble and expressed her disapproval. Harara D'ija glared at Sani, expressing her astonishment at the shamelessness of the girl's actions.

Nene directed D'ija to leave the town, prompting her to move away. Meanwhile, Ali, without saying a word, went to perform ablution as the Magari prayer call began. In a peculiar incident, Ali pressed his shoe-wearing foot against D'ija, who seemed unaware of the act. Nene intervened, questioning D'ija's safety, and learned of a scorpion sting.

Examining D'ija's leg, Nene urged her to stand, concerned about the severity of the sting. D'ija, confused, complied with Nene's instructions. Ali completed ablution and went to the mosque, leaving behind a commotion. Nene noticed Dije praying on the other side, struggling to eat beans and rice. Ali, seemingly indifferent, found a place to sit, maintaining a guarded stance in the middle of the auditorium.

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