2024/2025 Canada Government Job Openings For Immigrants – Requirements, Qualifications & Benefits

It is the policy of the Canadian government to assist immigrants who are attempting to enter the country. As a result, immigrants can find employment in Canada in excess of 300,000.

Finding the best Canadian government jobs for immigrants can be challenging and exhausting because it takes a lot of training and certification to be eligible. However, if you think you have what it takes to compete, go for it because government employees are paid more and have access to more comfortable working environments.

2024/25 Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants

The top government positions in Canada for immigrants are listed below. This could come in useful if you want to work in Canada as a new employee.

Immigration Advisors

Working as an immigration consultant gives you the opportunity to advise the government and other institutions. You also have to teach customers how to choose and use consumer items on a regular basis. The hourly wage for an immigration expert might reach $25 to $35.

Customer Service Agent

It is your duty as a customer service representative employed by the government to deliver first-rate in-person front counter customer services, including accurate and dependable information regarding government policies, goods, and services. An hourly wage for a customer service agent might range from $25 to $30.

Officer of administration

Administrative officer ranks fourth on the list of greatest government jobs in Canada for immigrants.

In fulfilling requests for information under government access to information and privacy regulations, you, as an officer, supervise the policies and procedures linked to the release of records.

Outreach Activities on the Streets

Assessing and meeting the needs of clients is a necessary part of working at Street Outreach. Some examples of this include guiding clients through the Streets to Homes program by outlining its many services, rules, and philosophies.

You will also help by reporting street emergencies via phone calls.

Operators in Packaging

You will be responsible for the necessary maintenance and troubleshooting of packaging equipment in your role as a packaging operator.

Licensed Practitioner of Medicine

Because, as they say, “health is wealth,” becoming a qualified health practitioner has proven to be one of the finest government positions in Canada for foreigners.

Canada’s high standards and well-suited health facility infrastructure attract a lot of foreign patients, as well as high-ranking government officials and company owners. Naturally, there is a significant demand for health workers as a result.

If you are an immigrant with a health-related credential, you can work for the government or even for private owners of medical institutions.

Software Engineer

A software engineer creates and invents computer software using computer science concepts and mathematical computation. Software engineers are in great demand both domestically and internationally.

Since the world has gone digital, governments, companies, and private citizens need developers with the expertise to continuously create new products that satisfy the needs of people everywhere.


Accounting is another government career in Canada that is open to immigrants. Its responsibilities include handling financial data, budgeting, and account organization.

Additionally, they provide financial advice and assistance to a variety of clientele, including the government, multinational corporations, and private citizens.

An organization needs to turn a profit in order to survive, and businesses can effectively limit their expenditures by working with an accountant.

IT specialists

Obtaining a position as an IT specialist in Canada as an immigrant could be a good fit if you enjoy working with technology and people.

Installing and maintaining computer systems and networks to achieve maximum functionality is the responsibility of IT technicians.

Law enforcement/Military

In Canada, immigrants have the opportunity to serve as Military Police, helping to uphold the rules and laws established by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The entire CAF community is also served by the military police.