List of Universities Offering Full Scholarships to International Students in the USA 2024/2025

It can be intimidating for international students to look for full scholarships. International students studying in the US typically pay hefty tuition costs. Fortunately, there are universities that provide full scholarships that pay for living expenses as well as tuition and housing. Although there is frequently a lot of competition, exceptional students can nonetheless find opportunities.

When looking for American universities that grant full scholarships, pay particular attention to your extracurricular and academic skills. You have an advantage if you have leadership experience, excellent test results, and community service. It’s also advisable to apply for outside scholarships and financial aid. The dream of a fully paid US education can come true with perseverance and hard work.

Prestigious Universities in The Ivy League

Some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country are found in the Ivy League. Although there is a very high acceptance rate, some students are awarded full scholarships.

The University of Harvard

Every year, Harvard reserves more than $12 million in scholarships for students from other countries. Undergraduates whose families make less than $65,000 are guaranteed free tuition through the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative. In certain instances, full scholarships that pay the full cost of attendance may be given out.

Yale College

International applicants are admitted to Yale without regard to need. Financial aid is awarded to about 25% of Yale students, with the average award amounting to around 60% of the entire cost. Full funding for outstanding international academics is provided via scholarships such as the Z Zou Scholarship.

The University of Princeton

For eligible foreign families, Princeton provides 100% of documented financial need, up to and including full scholarships. School grants and outside scholarships can be combined to completely defray expenses. For exceptional overseas applicants, Princeton additionally offers extra support.

Pennsylvania University

One of the few Ivy League schools that offers full scholarships only to international students is Penn. The Trustees’ Scholarship for International Students covers all living expenses, lodging and board, and tuition for up to ten deserving applicants.

Top National Universities

For overseas students who fulfill specific requirements, numerous nationally renowned private and public universities outside of the Ivy League offer full scholarships.

The University of Stanford: Full scholarships are awarded by Stanford based on financial need and merit. For students devoted to tackling global issues, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program grants 100 graduate scholarships that cover living and tuition costs.

Technology Institute of Massachusetts: More than 90% of MIT undergraduates get financial assistance. For overseas students, MIT also provides a number of complete scholarships, such as the Edward H. Liu Memorial Scholarship, which covers living expenses in addition to tuition.

California Technological Institute: Enrolling students from all around the world and satisfying 100% of demonstrated financial need are priorities at Caltech. As a result, many overseas students are able to attend on full scholarships. Caltech funding can be enhanced by outside awards.

Chicago University: The University of Chicago is well known for its substantial financial aid; on average, scholarships for families making less than $125,000 cover the whole cost of enrolment. Outstanding international students might get full tuition through the Neubauer Family Scholarships.