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MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na daya 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na daya 1

MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na daya 1

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MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na daya 1

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Added On: 07, Dec 2023

Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

Ebook Compiler : Shuraihu Usman

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Category: Adventure novels

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MAZAN JIYA Book 2 Mujalladi na daya 1 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani M Gini


**Subduing the Town**

Early in the morning, the army of King Dujalu resumed its march, with a noticeable concern lingering on the face of his sister, Hursiya. King Dujalu, privy to her secret desire to hear Hantaru's dowry tale, smiled at her unspoken wish. The journey continued for three days, and each evening, Hursiya attempted to coax King Dujalu into sharing the coveted story. Yet, each time, he discerned her ploy, prompting her resignation to silent slumber.

On the third evening, the army reached the foreboding Sauratul Auzur forest. Despite its frightful reputation, King Dujalu remained unfazed, unlike the rest who succumbed to fear upon entering. Sauratul Auzur, characterized by colossal trees and awe-inspiring rocks, presented an eerie spectacle. The shapes of the trees and rocks seemed to shift unpredictably, causing an unsettling atmosphere. The journey from Sauratul Auzur to the Sufiya Sea spanned four months.

Upon entering the forest, King Dujalu ordered a halt. The mounted soldiers and flying demons descended, enveloping the surroundings in an almost suffocating silence. King Dujalu addressed his people, cautioning them about the unimaginable dangers that lay ahead in the forest. He acknowledged the likelihood of losing lives but emphasized the valor of those who successfully navigated its perils.

Looking pointedly at Hursiya, he urged her to remain steadfast by his side. With a determined nod, she assured her commitment. Mounting a demon, King Dujalu led the procession into the forest, with the army following hesitantly. Surprisingly, the initial hour in the forest passed without incident, contrary to their expectations.

Unexpectedly, a colossal creature emerged, obstructing their path. Combining human, demon, and monster features, the creature struck fear into the hearts of the army. King Dujalu, undeterred, admonished the demon Rauzuf to press on, threatening consequences if they halted. The demon, named Rauzuf, bravely advanced towards the creature.

As they neared, the creature opened its massive mouth, unleashing a powerful wind that forcefully knocked everyone to the ground, except for King Dujalu. The creature's laughter echoed, causing all but King Dujalu to lose consciousness. In its wake, the forest erupted in flames, leaving only King Dujalu standing amidst the blazing destruction.

At this crucial moment, Shiregiya entered the scene.

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