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RANA DA WATA Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by RANA DA WATA Book 1


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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RANA DA WATA Book 1 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


In a certain village, a woman named Shafhila faced a peculiar challenge while the sky held its secrets. In no time, she gave birth to two children. However, there was nothing ordinary about these siblings—they harbored a deep-seated animosity for each other. Even as they grew, their relationship resembled that of the sun and the moon, locked in perpetual conflict, much to their mother Shafhila's distress.

Years passed, and despite maturing, the siblings showed no signs of relenting in their constant battles. Shafhila, burdened with emotions, sought help from a renowned fortune teller named Sharanu. However, when she approached him, Sharanu interrupted her, claiming to already know what troubled her. Shafhila, desperate for a solution, inquired about how to bring an end to the ceaseless fighting.

In response, Sharanu burst into laughter, sending shivers down Shafhila's spine. The sorceress then somberly declared that the siblings, like the sun and the moon, would never love each other and never coexist peacefully. Their destined conflict was inevitable, and if one were to harm the other, remorse and frustration would follow.

Sharanu explained that the woman, born during a sunset, possessed a fiery heart and soul, much like the sun. Conversely, the man, born during the waning of the moon, became compassionate and calm. Despite the tragic prophecy, Sharanu revealed that the siblings would rise to prominence—one as a great sorceress and the other as a powerful king with an unusual religion. Their prolonged conflict would only end when one of them killed the other.

Devastated by this prophecy, Shafhila wept uncontrollably. Sharanu, after convincing her to compose herself, was asked if there was any way to change their fate. In response, the sorceress laughed again, then, with a mix of tears and terror, declared that nothing could alter the predetermined course of events.

In a final revelation, Sharanu suggested a drastic, near-impossible solution. Shafhila would need to go to the Darul Yazmin cave at the city's end, cut the nerve of her left hand on the skull of the dragon Hujumu-Majnun until the skull was full, and allow her daughter to drink all the blood. Supposedly, this act would cause the sun to set, ending the siblings' conflict. However, Sharanu warned that entering the cave was perilous, with no one having ever emerged alive, except as a skeleton, since its existence. The weight of the proposed solution hung heavily on Shafhila's shoulders.

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