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MUTUWA DOLE Complete Hausa Novel Document by MUTUWA DOLE


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Author: Ismail Abdullahi ,

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MUTUWA DOLE Complete Document Written By Ismail Abdullahi


Around a hundred years ago, there were several ethnic groups who harbored intense jealousy towards each other. Notably, the black tribes, Akema, and Yamako, were powerful and fearless, refusing to intermarry and living separately in the jungle, known as Lakcad. This region was the most dreaded due to its abundance of evil demons and wild beasts, and those who inhabited it were referred to as Shan Fartu.

One day, calamity struck the world as the Yamako tribe, led by their prince, Umkar Jangwarxone, began to plague other kingdoms. This malevolence originated from Sarki Kifyan, the ruler of the Farisa kingdom. Disturbed by a dream, King Kifyan summoned his security forces to ascertain the cause of his vision, fearing a disastrous event.

The leader of the army, not receiving a satisfactory answer from King Kifyan, confronted him with skepticism. Feeling vexed and desperate to prevent the impending disaster, King Kifyan fled to seek guidance from the magician Kanzul ibn Kauful. The leader of the army reluctantly followed him to ensure his safety.

Upon reaching the Surkib forest, known for its malevolent spirits and demons, King Kifyan was resolute in facing the inevitable danger to protect his kingdom. However, previous attempts to cross the forest had ended in failure, as no one had ever made it through.

Despite the uncertainty, King Kifyan remained determined to face the threat and sought counsel from the King of Witches, KANXUL BN KAUFUL. The magicians analyzed his dreams and warned him of the impending danger. Death awaited in the Surkib forest, and only the one who could pass through it, whether human or demon, would become the Fish King.

Emboldened by the revelation, King Kifyan set out on his journey, riding his horse with great resolve. The leader of the army, witnessing the king's bravery, could not help but feel afraid of the imminent danger that awaited them.

Without hesitation, King Kifyan and his horse raced through the forest like a storm, leaving the city of Persia far behind.

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