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DAKAKKIYAR ZUCIYA 1 and 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by DAKAKKIYAR ZUCIYA 1 and 2


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Author: Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini ,

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DAKAKKIYAR ZUCIYA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


Once upon a time, in the ancient city of Kisra, there lived a young man named Shubairu Ibin Hauras. He was around thirty-three years old and blessed with many extraordinary gifts. Shubairu possessed unmatched beauty, captivating everyone in the city with his handsome appearance. Moreover, he was incredibly knowledgeable, having mastered various disciplines, and his talents were so unique that people referred to him as Tsatsuba.

One of Shubairu's remarkable abilities was his power to see a person's entire life from just a glance at their face. He could predict their fortunes, successes, and even their challenges. However, Shubairu never used this gift to reveal someone's misfortune or bring harm; he would only guide them towards better paths.

Shubairu had a tragic past. As a young child, his parents were killed during a robbery, leaving him an orphan. He was found crying by King Kuzzaru's forces, who brought him to the palace. The compassionate king adopted him, and he grew up alongside Princess Lamrisa, the king's wife. Despite being childless for years, Princess Lamrisa instantly took to Shubairu, treating him as her own son.

As Shubairu grew up, he developed a close bond with King Kuzzaru, who admired him and considered him like his own brother. The palace was filled with joy and love whenever Shubairu was around. He became known as Yarima, beloved by everyone in the city.

One day, a wealthy man named Ubairu from the city of Mirsa arrived with his vast caravan and guards at the city gates. Seeking permission to conduct trade and enter the city with his forces, Ubairu was met with resistance. King Kuzzaru was about to grant him permission when Shubairu intervened, requesting a private meeting with the wealthy man.

The unexpected interference surprised everyone, as Shubairu rarely involved himself in the affairs of governance. Nevertheless, he insisted on speaking privately with Ubairu.

In a private room within the palace, Shubairu and Ubairu sat facing each other. Shubairu's expression was serious, and he gazed intently at the wealthy merchant. Ubairu, on the other hand, was curious about the reason behind this private meeting.

Shubairu began, "Ubairu, I sense a hidden motive behind your desire to enter the city with such a large caravan and your impressive guard. Tell me, what is your true purpose?"

Ubairu hesitated for a moment before deciding to speak honestly, "Yarima, your intuition is astute. I seek the princess's hand in marriage."

Shubairu was taken aback by the request. He knew how deeply Princess Lamrisa loved him, and he couldn't fathom the idea of her marrying someone else. However, he maintained his composure and asked calmly, "And what makes you believe that the princess would be interested in marrying you?"

Ubairu replied, "I understand that she has been childless for many years, and I have learned of her yearning for a child. I am willing to provide her with the love, care, and offspring she desires. In return, my wealth and resources will benefit the kingdom."

Shubairu's heart ached, torn between protecting the princess's feelings and considering the potential benefits for the kingdom. He knew that Princess Lamrisa had grown to love him as her own, and he couldn't bear the thought of causing her heartache.

"I cannot decide the princess's fate without her knowledge and consent," Shubairu stated firmly. "If you truly wish to pursue this matter, you must approach her directly and express your intentions."

Ubairu nodded in understanding, respecting Shubairu's judgment. He left the private room with a sense of uncertainty, knowing that the path ahead would not be easy.

After the meeting, Shubairu sought solace in a secluded garden within the palace grounds. He gazed at the beautiful flowers, their vibrant colors mirroring the mix of emotions inside him. He couldn't help but ponder the consequences of Ubairu's proposal.

As the sun set, Princess Lamrisa found Shubairu sitting alone in the garden. She could sense his turmoil and approached him gently, "Yarima, what weighs heavy on your heart? Tell me, for I am here to listen."

Shubairu hesitated for a moment, but the love and trust between them compelled him to be honest. He explained everything that transpired during the private meeting with Ubairu.

Princess Lamrisa's eyes welled with tears, but she managed a faint smile. "Yarima, you have always been my true son in my heart. I could never imagine my life without you. No wealth or status can replace the love we share."

Shubairu felt a sense of relief as he embraced the princess. He knew that Princess Lamrisa's heart belonged to him, and he couldn't bear to see her with anyone else.

The following day, Ubairu approached Princess Lamrisa and expressed his desire to marry her. The princess kindly thanked him for the proposal but explained that her heart already belonged to another. She revealed her deep affection for Shubairu and how he had become an inseparable part of her life.

Ubairu gracefully accepted the princess's decision and expressed his gratitude for her honesty. He left the city, understanding that true love could not be forced or bought with wealth.

From that day forward, Princess Lamrisa and Shubairu's bond grew even stronger. Their love for each other radiated throughout the kingdom, filling it with joy and harmony. Shubairu's abilities continued to serve the kingdom, guiding King Kuzzaru and advising the people with wisdom and compassion.

And so, in the ancient city of Kisra, the tale of love, sacrifice, and unbreakable bonds continued to be celebrated for generations to come.

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