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MANNUBIYA BOOK 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by MANNUBIYA BOOK 1


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Author: Humayrah Bulama ,

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MANNUBIYA Complete Document Written By Humaira Bulama


In the year 1990, in Kano, he navigated his Daewo Nubira through the streets with deliberate slowness, as if devoid of any destination. The teacher, a voice from the past, lamented, "Hello, hello. She refuses to come," signifying an unresolved tension.

Eventually, he completed construction on his house in the Sharad'a neighborhood. Oddly, even at the gate, he refrained from sounding the horn, waiting for the guard to notice the cessation of his car's engine. Swiftly, Tukunna retraced his steps, fixating on the entrance of the adjacent flat. His demeanor betrayed an underlying tremor as he witnessed his father standing outside.

Upon entering, he merely parked the car, immobilizing himself behind the wheel. For more than thirty minutes, he pondered in solitude, his soul adrift in contemplation. The recent release of Jin's results weighed heavily on his mind, and without explicit communication, he intuited Khadijah's involvement, as there was no one else in the house except her and the laundry guard.

Silently, he heard her shut the parlor door, and as anticipated, she approached the car. Forcefully, she swung open the door, expressing her displeasure. "You should have called Abba," she scolded, accusing him of nearly perpetrating defamation and injustice. She insisted on immediate action, questioning whether he expected their father's support.

Without allowing him a moment to respond, she added with frustration, "Even if Goya supports you, it won't change anything. Don't assume Abba will side with you just because you think he's behind you and Daddy's behind me." The conversation ended with a palpable air of melancholy.

Ignoring her presence, he withdrew the car key, gathered his belongings, and prepared to exit. He paid no heed to her, attempting to pass by with increasing determination. She, however, seized his hand, expressing her distress. "IMAM, I am stronger than you think. Don't underestimate me. Love isn't blind. If you don't retract your statement, I'll reveal everything to Khadijar herself, and you'll be astonished."

"Hello Mother," Abba's voice resonated from afar, surprising them both as they had lost track of his arrival. The motherly touch reminded them of their familial bond, even as jealousy and sorrow adorned Khadija's visage.

Observing Abba's widened eyes, the son-in-law explained their situation and promptly retreated. Abba, without addressing Khadija's question, followed the Imam, leaving her in submission. Khadija, with a swift "Bismillah Abba," ushered them inside, yet her son lingered outside.

Despite his nonchalant demeanor, it was evident he had not forsaken her. Ayanxu feared the imminent clash between the Imam's expectations and Akan's resistance. She couldn't fathom supporting the Imam's wishes, especially considering her sister's love for him. Ayanxu feared she might lose her place in her father's heart to another woman.

As she rushed in to join them, Abba, Imam, and Akan had already settled in the parlor. Abba, with a gaze that mirrored his authority, summoned her to join them on the floor. Without allowing her to speak, he laid out his expectations – advice, recommendations, and instructions – insisting that she adhere to them. Yet, he hinted that the trio of women present might not be sufficient for what lay ahead.

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