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BARR BASSAM Complete Hausa Novel Document by BARR BASSAM


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In Sokoto, Nigeria, Alhaji Bala stands as a prominent figure renowned for his wealth and success, both within Nigeria and beyond. Among the residents of Sokoto town, his affluence is unmatched, serving as a benchmark for prosperity within the community. Alhaji Bala, a man of singular wealth, shares his life with his wife, Hajiya Zainab.

Alhaji Bala's ascent to prosperity began with humble origins in the fish trade. Starting with a modest catch, he gradually expanded his enterprise, amassing a fleet of cars, refrigerated storage, and fish ponds spread across various Nigerian towns for farming, management, and distribution.

However, Alhaji Bala's wealth took an unforeseen turn as he diversified beyond the fish industry, acquiring vast tracts of land, fuel stations, industries, companies, and an array of diverse properties. This expansion propelled him into the ranks of distinguished businessmen. His pivot away from the fish industry raised questions and suspicions among the community members, who wondered if there was a concealed secret behind his newfound prosperity.

His wife, Hajiya Zainab, harbored deep suspicions about her husband and the origins of his wealth. Having been immersed in the fish business for a significant period, she could not help but confront him with her concerns. Each time she initiated such a conversation, fear and anxiety gripped her, as she anticipated his reaction. Alhaji Bala, on the other hand, would dismiss her inquiries, responding with dismissive glances that left her feeling distressed and helpless. The weight of these interactions burdened her, depriving her of peace until he withdrew his gaze. Often, he would maintain the unsettling stare before finally departing, leaving her in solitude.

One aspect of Alhaji Bala's wealth that perplexed them both was their childlessness, despite numerous visits to hospitals both locally and abroad. Regardless of their efforts, the outcome remained constant. This issue weighed heavily on Hajiya Zainab.

Suddenly, one morning, Hajiya Zainab awoke with a fever and nausea. After a hospital visit, the doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Alhaji Bala, overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of an heir, began giving away his wealth and offering gifts to celebrate the impending arrival. However, this joyful news was akin to a needle in a haystack, for the extent of Alhaji Bala's wealth remained shrouded in mystery. As the news spread, Hajiya Zainab's young servant watched in amazement and fear.

Meanwhile, her family and acquaintances continued to speculate about her husband's wealth, consumed by worry about her thoughts. At times, they ignored her altogether, insisting that she reveal the truth about Alhaji Bala's riches. Some even accused her of complicity in her husband's questionable dealings. Even Alhaji Bala's own family, when confronted with similar inquiries, accepted his explanation that his fish business was blessed by God. While some distanced themselves, others remained close, enticed by his benevolence.

Alhaji Bala's opulent mansion eclipsed the homes of most politicians and government officials in size and grandeur. Yet, happiness had eluded them since his rapid accumulation of wealth. Their quest for contentment within these lavish walls remained futile.

The affection and warmth Alhaji Bala once showered upon his wife had faded into distant memories. He now spent minimal time conversing or enjoying moments with her. His interactions extended beyond the family, and she seldom saw him during the day. These changes in behavior left her deeply puzzled and concerned. Alhaji Bala, known for his charisma and calm demeanor, had never exhibited such behavior in the past. Hajiya Zainab could only wonder if his transformation was linked to his newfound wealth.

Occasionally, she had a brief encounter with him in the main parlor before his departure in the morning. It was during these moments that she would bring up financial concerns or other matters. If there were no pressing issues, he would dismiss her with a reminder that he was unavailable even for financial needs. Whenever she attempted to discuss the abundance of wealth...

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