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HARIJI Complete Hausa Novel Document by HARIJI


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Author: Oum Aphnan ,

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HARIJI Hausa Novel Document by Oum Aphnan

HARIJI is a Hausa love novel written by Oum Aphnan that delves into the complicated relationships between siblings, love, and obsession. The novel follows the story of two siblings, Bello and Uwale, who have an unconventional and taboo relationship. The story is set in a conservative Hausa society where such relationships are strictly forbidden.

The novel begins with Bello and Uwale sneaking around their father's house, trying to hide their forbidden love. They engage in a steamy make-out session before retiring to Uwale's room. Their relationship is portrayed as highly passionate and intense, and they struggle to keep it a secret from their family and society. Throughout the novel, the author explores the psychological complexities of their relationship, portraying Uwale as obsessed with Bello and willing to do anything to keep him by her side. She constantly tries to manipulate him and guilt-trips him into staying with her, leading to a toxic and suffocating relationship. The author also portrays the societal pressures and taboos that come with their relationship, including the constant fear of being caught and the negative reactions of their family and society. The novel raises important questions about the consequences of taboo relationships and the psychological effects on those involved. The plot takes a dramatic turn when Uwale sets fire to their father's house, causing chaos and destruction. The incident exposes their forbidden relationship and leads to devastating consequences for both siblings.

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