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A ZATO NA Complete Hausa Novel Document by A ZATO NA


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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. We are grateful for your gathering in this blessed hall, and we hope that God will allow us to conclude as well as we have begun.

The book 'A Zato Na' is the property of the author, and no one is allowed to alter it in any way.

We hope you will maintain your trust in us and keep your promise. May God make us successful.
_In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate_

'Kirr! Kirrr!!'...

That was the sound that greeted my ears when I dialed my aunt Janan's phone number. She didn't pick up right away; it had to ring five times. Before she thought my patience had run out and began to raise her voice, I didn't let her say hello; I cut in with, "Janan, why are you keeping people waiting?"

She replied, "Oh dear, take it easy. I'm waiting for Aunt Raheemah to return before I leave."

I let out an impatient sigh, "Just go and leave the house open for her like that. Isn't the caretaker around?" Janan sighed and explained, "Do you remember what happened the last time I did that? She claimed she was robbed of money and jewelry, and Yaya Bilal had to compensate her and settle the matter. I don't want something like that to happen again." I responded, "You should have just let her have it, and if she returns it, fine. If she doesn't, so be it. If you don't come in ten minutes, we'll go ahead without you."

I didn't wait for her to respond further; I ended the call and placed the phone beside me. I continued browsing on my computer for about fifteen more minutes before turning it off and putting it away. Janan called me again, "Sorry, my queen, I'm on my way!" I put my finger to my lips, signaling her to be quiet, and said, "Better. When you arrive, just call me, and we'll meet at the main entrance." She replied, "Alright."

I had tidied up my bed a bit before she arrived. By the time she called me, I was feeling quite tired. I wrapped a scarf around my chest and back, grabbed my mobile phone, purse, and flat shoes, and checked that the color of my veil and the floral print on the long dress I was wearing matched. Satisfied with my appearance, I left the room, saying goodbye to my roommate on my way out.

I stopped at the entrance of Queen Amina Hostel on the ABU Zaria campus, scanning the area for Janan. I tried calling her again, and as I was searching for her, I spotted her waving her hand at me. I smiled in relief and walked slowly toward her. When we met, we embraced each other. She was the only person who felt like a blood sister to me, and I knew I was the same to her.

I noticed the car that she had stepped out of and raised an eyebrow at her, "Hey Almu, did he buy a new car?" She shook her head and smiled, "Where would Almu get the money to buy something like this? How is Bilal?" I widened my eyes in surprise, "Wow! When will I get to see Yaya Bilal? I even forgot that he was coming today. Today is the day fate has chosen for us to meet!" She laughed, her dimples showing, which always charmed me. She replied, "Indeed. Fate has been kind to me. God told me to let him give me a ride since he was going to FCE too. Let's go; we're running late." I followed her to the car.

Janan opened the front passenger door, and I opened the back door. We both got in simultaneously. I greeted Yaya Bilal warmly, and he responded in kind. He started the car, and we left the area. There wasn't much I could say about him except that he was wearing faded jeans and a T-shirt with a zebra print. His sunglasses covered his eyes.

He drove at a leisurely pace, and the soothing voice of Sheikh Malam Minshawee reciting Surah Al-Kahf filled the car. I leaned my head against the car seat and closed my eyes, while Janan and Bilal engaged in conversation. When we arrived at Kongo School, our destination, we found that the parking lot was full, and we had to park outside. Bilal turned off the car, and we thanked him before stepping out. He drove away, and we approached the school gate.

It was the day of a sermon by the renowned Sheikh, Dr. Bilal Philips. The venue was packed with people because he was addressing both men and women. Although we arrived about forty minutes before the sermon was scheduled to start, it was challenging to find a place to sit.

Sheikh Bilal's sermon that day was about the women who will enter Paradise. As he spoke, every woman present couldn't help but shiver at the realization of the seemingly trivial actions that could lead them to Hell. By the time the sermon concluded at noon, we were all deep in thought. Due to the scarcity of vehicles that day, we couldn't return to school until around 1 o'clock.

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