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KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 2


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Author: Mansur Usman Sufi ,

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KARSHEN ZALUNCI Book 2 Complete Document Written By Mansur Usman Sufi


During this critical moment, the watch continued as the forces trailed Suhaimat, the widow of the late king Urwat, and the suspense heightened.

After thirty seconds of cautious observation, the soldiers unsheathed their weapons, spurring their horses toward the location where Suhaimat stood, unleashing terrifying screams.

In response, the lioness leaped for the second time, landing amidst the troops with a resounding noise, initiating a chaotic and dreadful war.

Allan's strength became apparent as he initiated the fight, and miraculously, a single creature took on two thousand adversaries. The soldiers struggled to comprehend how to confront this formidable foe. Each time they attacked, the lioness skillfully evaded, leaving the soldiers bewildered. She struck back, sometimes with a deafening blow to the horse's chest, causing more than ten soldiers to fall lifeless. Astonishingly, they didn't die outright but bowed down, still alive.

The troops witnessed unprecedented violence, with the lioness claiming more than half of them within thirty minutes. The baffling aspect that infuriated the soldiers was their inability to touch her body despite slashing at her hair. Fueled by anger, the soldiers intensified their attacks.

The forest echoed with the clashing of metal, men's shouts, and the thundering hooves of horses. Dust filled the air as the chaos unfolded, and the soldiers, overwhelmed by fear, sought ways to escape.

As the remaining forces realized the dire situation, they too attempted to flee, filling their pants with air in a desperate bid to save their lives. The lioness pursued the runners, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake.

Achieving success, the lioness turned her attention to Suhaimat, who lay with her baby near a stream. Witnessing Suhaimat's condition, she rushed to the stream, splashed water on her face, and then returned to do the same for Suhaimat.

Struggling to breathe, Suhaimat, wide-eyed, sat up and cradled her baby against her chest. Observing Suhaimat's state, the lioness retreated into the forest cave.

In jubilation, Suhaimat stood and moved to the stream, bathing her baby and cleaning the dirt from her body. Grateful and questioning in her mind, she pondered who had killed the soldiers — was it Zakanyar? The lioness returned, offering grass with various fruits like bananas and grapes. In her surprise, Suhaimat realized she harbored no fear of the lioness. Taking the food, she noticed traces of blood on the woman's body, realizing that the lioness had single-handedly decimated the forces to save her and her baby's lives.

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