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HEEDAYAH Complete Hausa Novel Document by HEEDAYAH


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HEEDAYAH Complete Document Written By Miemie


"Make sure not to forget your homework and submit it tomorrow, alright?" their Aunt Heedayah reminded them a little while ago. They both replied, "Yes!" Each of them went to retrieve their books that were left behind. However, Aunt Heedayah noticed that Heedayah seemed uncomfortable; she was fidgeting in class and making noise. Concerned, she walked to the door and called out, "Heedayah, my dear." Without hesitation, Heedayah turned and replied, "Yes, ma'am?" Aunt Heedayah beckoned her to come closer, and slowly Heedayah approached her with a blank expression on her face.

Aunt Heedayah asked with care, "My dear, what's wrong today? You don't seem like yourself. What is it?" Heedayah didn't say anything at first, but after some coaxing from her aunt, she mustered the courage to say, "Nothing, ma'am. It's just that my stomach is hurting."

Listening attentively, Aunt Heedayah gently placed her hand on Heedayah's back and said, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Let me call your mom to come and pick you up immediately." She promptly called Heedayah's mother and informed her about the situation.

When Heedayah's mom arrived, she greeted Aunt Heedayah and was filled in on what had happened. She comforted her daughter and assured her that everything would be alright. Aunt Heedayah told Heedayah's mom that she was on her way to pick her up, and after the call, she looked at Heedayah's beautiful face and said, "Sorry, my dear. Your mom is on her way, so don't worry, okay?" Heedayah nodded and expressed her gratitude, saying, "Thank you. I'll go now." Aunt Heedayah suggested that she wait a little longer, but Heedayah declined and left with her trolley bag of Disney princesses.

On her way home, Heedayah encountered some girls from SS1 who were waiting to provoke her. Trying to ignore them, she walked past them, but they started taunting her. They mocked her for not having breasts and for being in love with someone. This hurt Heedayah deeply, and she couldn't hold back her tears.

Seeing her distress, Moha, a boy, approached and asked what happened. Heedayah rejected his advances, telling him to stay away because she didn't love him. She couldn't bear the pain and began crying again. Aunt Heedayah arrived to take Heedayah away, reassuring her and telling her to stop crying. They left the school together, and Heedayah's mom suggested going to the doctor, but Heedayah insisted she just had a mild pain. Instead, she wanted to complete her tie and dye assignment that Aunt Heedayah had given them, as it was due the next day.

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