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MATAR MALAM Complete Hausa Novel Document by MATAR MALAM


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MATAR MALAM Complete Document Written By Mai Dambu


One hand clutched my phone while the other held my school bag tightly.

"God forgives, what fault do these girls have in choosing ruin over marriage? You always see them dressing provocatively and behaving poorly," others whispered while looking at me. The only thing that consoled me was that they were simply judging me without understanding my choices.

Imam Umar's heart was disturbed, and he recalled the words of the Messenger of God (S.A.W). He spoke about women who dress immodestly, exposing their bodies, and the consequences of such behavior if they do not repent. He warned that it could lead them to the fire of hell, and he also emphasized the role of parents in guiding their children to avoid corruption.

As I entered our house, my father's wife shook her head disapprovingly and said, "Naiha, God has chosen you for the Islamic path. If you don't change your attire, I'll discipline you."

Feeling irritated, I muttered, "I won't go..." I made eye contact with Yaya Ishaq, the stern authority figure in our house, and quickly headed to our girls' room.

He expressed his sadness and concern to our father's wife, "From now on, Naiha will not go to Annah's house. She is influenced by bad company there, and it's affecting her behavior. I feel ashamed to call her my sister. Ramla, Hajra, and Zubaida aren't as reckless as she is. But it's not entirely her fault, since Annah buys her clothes. I'll handle this matter."

Responding to his comments, Innaji said, "She's still young. Those others you mentioned are older. Naiha needs guidance, and God has entrusted that responsibility to us."

He turned to me, lifting the curtain of the room, and said sternly, "Why are you in a room where you disobey Islamic principles?"

I stood stubbornly, shamelessly expressing my rebelliousness, feeling like I was coming of age. I was wearing my Islamic clothing, but I wanted to leave the house with my school bag. However, his words echoed in my mind, urging me not to abandon my family for outsiders.

While leaving, I passed by a group of students who were sitting with their backs to me. "God forbid! If one chooses worldly pleasures over the afterlife, education should combine them before leaving," someone said, referring to me.

Their words weighed heavily on my soul. "What a hypocrite! I won't go to your corrupted gatherings. You talk about heaven and hell, yet you're nothing but a thief. When will you start practicing what you preach?"

"That's enough! God has bestowed Islam upon you. Leave and stop this insolence," interrupted someone. I turned around to see who intervened, and it was Imam Usman, filled with disapproval.

Ignoring his advice, I continued my defiant stance and walked away. He shook his head, disappointed, and said calmly to Nura, "You have nothing to do with that girl. Let her be. She's not involved in any conspiracy, so please, for the sake of your dignity, stop talking to her as if she were someone else."

He sighed, and they resumed their studies.

°°••^^ ΔΔΔΔ^^••°°

Arriving late to school, I walked in, and the school's Amir was handing out punishments for tardiness.

"Hold out your hand," he said sternly.

I smiled and complied, bowing to him. After receiving five whips, I held back my tears as I walked past Sira teacher, who scolded me, "Come back here and remove that damned nail. You shameless child!"

Without turning around to look at him, I replied, "Hmm, Mr. Yahaya, I won't remove it, and I won't comply with the school's demands."

Teacher Yahya looked surprised, as among all the teachers, he was the strictest. I had boldly stated that I would not remove the nail despite being punished by the Amir. Facing the whip again, I had to reluctantly say, "God will help me."

Not backing down, he continued to punish me. The teachers restrained me, but I stood my ground and boldly proclaimed, "By God, you'll pay for this. You'll learn that I'm not easily intimidated. I'll show you my true self. I'm not just an obedient child."

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