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WAYE SANADI Complete Hausa Novel Document by WAYE SANADI


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Author: Muhammad Abba Gana ,

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WAYE SANADI Complete Document Written By Muhammad Abba Gana


"I have nothing to say to you, Alkairi Alhaji. Look at the greatness of God and reflect on the impact you've had on my life. Remember the love you once showed her, which has now led to a disastrous outcome. I am a teacher, and your actions have hurt me deeply, tarnishing my name, dishonoring me, and undermining my intelligence.

For the past three months, after two months of our separation, she was pregnant for one month, and I had no knowledge of it? It's unbelievable. Today, I must make this my final word to you. Each day you came to the house, the police arrested you, and it's time for you to leave. Your daughter made a disgraceful choice, seeking an opportunity that led to this unfortunate situation.

Dr. Mukhtar Isah, born in Kano town, was the youngest son in a family of four siblings. Binta, Lamrat, and Sadia were his siblings. They all got married, had children, and even grandchildren. One day, he met Rakiya Bafula from Fanshekara, accompanied by a beautiful girl. Dr. Mukhtar was captivated by her, and without any difficulty, he knew he wanted to marry her. She agreed immediately, and they discussed marriage.

However, since she entered the house, she has never been happy, not even for a minute."

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