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DARAJAR 'YA'YANA 1 to 4 Complete Hausa Novel Document by DARAJAR 'YA'YANA 1 to 4


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Author: Halima K Mashi ,

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DARAJAR 'YA'YANA Complete Document Written By Halima K Mashi


Sadiya was in a rush, doing things she didn't want to do. Her landlord returned and found her with swollen eyes, probably from crying. She didn't need "tuwon" (semo); he made soup for himself. Kube Danya, the professor, knew this well. He stored milk in the fridge to keep it cold, but she preferred it warm.

She woke up to the scent of perfume and hurriedly went to spray in the bathroom. It seemed she spent too much time on her beauty routine. The sound of children at the door brought her back, and she quickly let them in, directing them straight to the bathroom. She bathed them again and dressed them in new, beautiful clothes, spritzing "Turaruka" on them. Then she returned to her room, trying to decide what to wear. She settled for a red shirt and skirt, hoping to impress her husband.

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was already a quarter past six. She picked up her phone, but it had no charge. Frustrated, she called out to her children, who ran to meet their father at the door. As she opened the door, she found her husband, a police officer, standing there. Overjoyed, she hugged him tightly.

He greeted them and entered the house with a bag in hand. The children ran to him, and she noticed how he used to treat her every Friday when he returned. He was more affectionate this time, hugging her tightly at the window, which was a new experience for her.

He seemed tired, but she couldn't tell if something was bothering him. She asked about his day, and he said he hadn't calmed down since eating the semo. He was a strict person, and she worried about him. She handed him snacks and toys for the children, and he retreated to his room.

Kausar, their child, asked if they would have a good time today. Sadia heard his response from her room and knew they would be going out soon. She prepared herself and went to meet him in the bathroom as he was preparing to take a bath. She apologized for her actions that day and asked if he was tired.

He seemed distant, and she tried to engage him in conversation. However, he locked the bathroom door and remained silent. She became worried and looked at herself in the mirror, feeling unsure about her appearance. When he finally came out, she helped him dress up in a matching outfit.

They prepared to leave, and she waited anxiously for him to finish. He emerged wearing a blue kaftan and matching pants. She handed him a hat, but he chose a jalaliya instead. As he stepped out, she watched, unsure of what to expect next.

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