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BINTU WAHEED Complete Hausa Novel Document by BINTU WAHEED


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BINTU WAHEED Complete Document Written By Billy Giro


Waheed and his daughter Bintu were driving to Birnin Kebbi. Waheed was trying to persuade Bintu to talk to him, but she refused. They arrived at Waheed's mother's house and went inside.

Waheed's mother, Umma, was sitting in the living room. She greeted Waheed and Bintu and asked them if they had eaten. Waheed said that they had eaten, but Bintu said that she was not hungry.

Umma went to get Waheed some water and oranges. When she came back, she told Bintu to call her brother, Abdallah, and ask him to bring her some ice cream. Bintu called Abdallah, but he said that he would be a little late.

Umma brought Waheed his food and then went back to the living room. Bintu sat down on the sofa and started to cry. Umma asked her what was wrong, but Bintu refused to tell her.

Waheed went to sit down next to Bintu and tried to comfort her, but she pushed him away. He told her that he loved her and that he wanted to make things right between them, but she just ignored him.

Abdallah finally arrived and gave Bintu her ice cream. She took a few sips and then said that she wanted to go to her room. She went upstairs and Waheed followed her.

Waheed went into Bintu's room and sat down on the bed next to her. He told her that he was sorry for the way he had treated her and that he wanted to be a better father. Bintu didn't say anything, but she leaned against his shoulder.

Waheed and Bintu sat in silence for a few minutes. Then, Waheed stood up and said that he was going to go to his own room. Bintu watched him go, and then she lay down on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, Waheed woke up early and went to Bintu's room. He found her still asleep, so he gently woke her up. Bintu smiled when she saw him and said good morning.

Waheed told Bintu that he had made breakfast for her. Bintu got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Waheed had made her pancakes and bacon. Bintu ate her breakfast and then went back upstairs to get dressed.

After breakfast, Waheed and Bintu went outside to play. They played tag and hide-and-seek. They had a lot of fun together.

In the afternoon, Waheed and Bintu went for a walk. They walked around the neighborhood and talked. Waheed told Bintu about his work and Bintu told Waheed about her school.

They had a lot of fun together on their walk. When they got home, they were both tired. They went inside and took a nap.

When they woke up, they had dinner with Umma and Abdallah. After dinner, they all sat around and talked. They talked about their day and about their plans for the future.

Waheed, Bintu, Umma, and Abdallah had a wonderful time together. They were all happy to be spending time with each other. They knew that they would always be there for each other, no matter what.

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